Feria del Millón: If I had a Millón pesos…

Feria del Millón

Feria del Millón is back with more than 60 artists all selling work for under 1.4 million pesos.

Art critic Diego Garzón and architect Juan Rincón envisioned an accessible art festival for both up-and-coming artists and first-time art buyers.

Instead of showcasing the same exclusive circle of artists exhibited in museums and galleries across Bogotá, Garzón and Rincón imagined a new space that would offer emerging talent an opportunity to showcase their work and anyone with a penchant for art the chance to start their own collection.

Thus, the inaugural edition of the Feria del Millón opened in October 2013 with a unique sales pitch for the art world: buy world-class art from relatively unknown artists for a truly affordable price. At the Feria del Millón, the price tag for any work exhibited doesn’t exceed 1.4 million pesos, hence the title of the event.

This year, the Feria del Millón celebrates its sixth iteration on October 27 and 28 at the Centro Creativo Textura and continues to expand nationally and abroad. This innovative approach to the art fair, in which curators value quality and vision of the work above the fame and reputation of the artist, seems to have been embraced enthusiastically. In 2016, the art festival attracted more than 12,000 visitors and sold more than 85% of the art exhibited, according to Semana.

This year, more than 60 Colombian and international artists and collectives were selected to participate. During the festival, Voltaje Salón de Arte y Tecnología, a collection of experimental work at the intersection of art and technology, will also host a showcase that intends to educate the public on the new frontiers of art while supporting a rising generation of boundary-pushing artists.

If you aren’t able to make it that weekend, not to worry. You can still view and buy works, and learn more about select artists through the Feria del Millón’s online gallery.

October 27-28 / $15,000 / Centro Creativo Textura / Carrera 54 #5C-33

By Cristina Noriega


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