Luxurious vs Cheap Rental Cars in Dubai

Planning a trip to Dubai, the emirate city for either business or pleasure, the idea of a means of transportation for touring the beautiful streets of the city comes into mind. How do I get around in a car that fits my taste? There are whole lots of cars available on a car rental’s website like Car rental Dubai and picking the right might just pose difficult with a variety of cars ranging from a simple Toyota Yaris to a luxurious Lexus ES250. So you see, making a choice from the pool of options is problematic.

Luxurious cars otherwise called premium cars are made with luxury features like powerful engines, speed look, flashy rims, comfy leather seats and a classy interior. They are cars excellent for stylish and classy traveling. These kind of cars can range from a simple luxury estate car to classy SUVs. They are known to accept more passengers, more luggage and suitcases than the normal cheap rental cars.

A less expensive commodity has always been one way to cut down on expenses. Same goes for renting a car. Picking a cheap rental car is seen to save money during vacation or business trips but then it is worthy to note that classy things are not always cheap. Most cheap rental cars mean less car features and less comfortable ride.

It is paramount to compare between a couple of options before deciding on the class or category of car you want to rent. It is always best to make you comparison between two directly opposite cars classes. In our case a luxurious car and a cheap car which put nicely can also be called an Economy car. Although, the cost of renting a car may be topmost on one’s mind, features, comfort, style, safety and even quality are also important. A quick instance, though one pays less for a cheap rental car, you cannot possible use that for a long family vacation in Dubai.

It is no news that renting a luxurious car is more expensive than opting for a cheap rental car. Not only does it cost more but rental companies pay more attention to these cars as even the slightest of scratch will attract an extra cost.

Irrespective of one’s choice of car, both are relatively affordable to rent. There are a few major differences which set both car classes apart. These differences are key in deciding what type of car to rent. Without wasting time, below is a brief comparison between the both classes of car.

  • Price: Even though both classes of cars are relatively cheap, the luxurious cars are a bit more expensive than the economy cars as they are usually sleeker, and in most cases, contain more features than those seen on cheap rental cars. 
  • Safety: One of the first things on one’s mind after cost is safety. How safe am I or how safe will I and my family be if I opt for this class? The safety features on a cheap rental car cannot be compared to those on a luxurious car. Yes, cheap car rentals are often light in weight and hence have a better gas mileage, they also possess common safety features like child lock, airbags and the rest but luxurious cars possess the better and extensive safety features than those in a cheap rental. 

Luxurious cars offer stronger chassis, better rims, better shock absorbers and even high end car tires, rear view cameras, blind spot detector and a whole lot of others. Looking at cheap car rentals, they possess not only common chassis or rims; they also have small tires which are not very guaranteed for high speed. Hence, luxurious cars are basically safer than cheap rental cars.

  • Quality: In terms of quality, luxurious cars win yet again. They possess a superior overall quality than the average cheap car rental. Starting from the exterior of the luxurious car, to the interior features like a well-finished comfortable leather seat, dashboard and even windows, a cheap rental car does not just come close. 
  • Comfort and Satisfaction: The ability to use an extensive range of features provided by the luxurious cars which are not seen on cheap car rentals are seen to bring comfort to those who opt for them. Luxurious cars are basically made for all round comfort and satisfaction. The features built into luxurious cars are a lot more than those in cheap cars. A cheap car rental chooses to save cost, but a luxurious car prioritizes the car user and aims to provide one with the most hassle-free car ride/tour possible.
  • Fuel usage: In this category, the economy car rental takes the lead as they are better suited to minimize fuel consumption. Due to lower number of car features in an economy car, they don’t consume as much fuel as luxurious cars. Though Luxurious cars ensure the renters comfort, they are often more   demanding on the car’s engine than the economy cars.
  • Power: Majority of engines incorporated in a luxurious car is either a V6 or V8 fuel injected engine which truly gives it the power and speed. Not only does it come with a powerful engine but also quality suspension and excellent steering wheel which provides great and easy handling. These features are not seen on an economy car, hence, the speed, power can’t measure up plus handling isn’t so great too. 

Although both car categories are great, one is always greater and a choice has to be made. As can be seen from above, there is in fact no need comparing both car classes. Luxurious cars may cost more to hire as well as use as regards fuel usage. Though prices may be a determining factor, It is pertinent to consider certain factors such as your purpose for renting the car, the duration of car usage and of course the number of passengers.  Thus, considering all these factors, a renter can make a choice on what type of car to rent out of the varieties provided by car rental Dubai