What’s Hot In The Art World

By bogotapost September 10, 2014

11 Historias en 24 Cuadros: Animación Británica hoy
Get familiar with contemporary British animation with this exhibition of the best animated shorts to participate in the prestigious 2013 McLaren Award for animation. The prize has been given out since 1990 in recognition of creativity, technical skills and the ability to best use the tools of animation to recount a story. As this is the 100th anniversary of the Scottish director’s birth, the exhibition also includes a short journey through McLaren’s filmography.
El Parqueadero (Museo de Arte del Banco de la República), Calle 11 #4-21, Until September 13

Saberes de Pupuña: El Chontaduro en La Amazonia
Pupuña is one of the hundreds of names given to the sacred plant that produces the chontaduro fruit. Indigenous tribes in the Amazon have used the pupuña plant for ceremonies and rituals for hundreds of years. The plant is often considered human and given a special place in religious and mythological ceremonies. This exhibition, which includes masks used in the Pijuayo festivals, aims to reclaim and share the symbolic importance of a plant whose significance crosses borders.
Claustro de San Agustín, Carrera 8 #7-21, Until end of September

Sin-Poder by Ivan Hurtado
A moving and boundless exhibition which aims to offer hope for the future and negate resistance to change and political or social impotence.
Centro Cultural Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Calle 11 #5-60, Until August 24

In a playful exhibition, David Peña juxtaposes various objects and images, posing questions about context and the limits of visual perception.
L A Galería – Arte Contemporáneo, Calle 77 #12-03, Bogotá, Until August 29

Ecuador en las páginas “Le Tour du Monde”
This exhibition relates the stories of visitors to Ecuador between 1835 and 1912, which were published in the French magazine Le Tour du Monde, probably the most important travel publication of the 19th century. Starting with a chapter from Charles Darwin’s well-known book relating his visit to the Galapagos Islands, the show continues with tales from various travellers and writers, accompanied by recordings and photos from the time.
Centro Cultural Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Calle 11 #5-60, Until August 24

Jardin de Malezas
Camilo Bojacá’s project aims to aims to highlight the relationship between nature and architecture, urbanisation and humans. Trees intertwine with models and larger constructions and urban constructs go hand-in-hand with bansais and plants, all in the heart of the city.
Espacio El Dorado, Carrera 5 #26a-40, Until August 23

Emergentes – various artists
With 21 pieces of artwork, ranging from photography to canvas and acrylic, this exhibition includes contributions from famous artists such as Elza Zambrano. A percentage of the works sold will go towards helping provide treatment to children from deprived backgrounds in Colombia. Other artists include Gabriel Silva, Pablo Tamayo, Paula Ospina and Audino Diaz, offering visitors the chance to experience a true panorama of the diversity of Colombian art.
Fundacion Cardioinfantil, Calle 163a #13b-60, Until August 31

My Show by Sofia Reyes
Sofia Reyes shares important moments from her life through a simple but fascinating exhibition made up of colourful discs which recount dates and events that had an effect on the artist. On the top floor of Cine Tonala, combine a visit to her show with any number of other cultural events.
Cine Tonala, Carrera 6 #35-37, Until August 31

Dürer, Grabados 1496-1522
Albrecht Dürer was a painter and writer from Nuremberg who is perhaps best known for his printmaking skills. The exhibition of 113 prints, which comes to Bogota from Europe’s Dal Bosco exhibition, showcases some of his most famous prints and also includes conferences and tours.
Museo del Banco de la República, Calle 11 #4-41, Until November 3