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Real Quiz: Can you answer these 100 questions about Bogotá and...

Can you answer these 100 questions about Bogotá and Colombia?
French connection

The French connection in Colombia

Oooh la la! Colombia’s links to the country of romance and wine go back to independence.

Colombian filmmakers frustrated over proposed law changes

A new law being proposed before Congress threatens to strip benefits for foreign films shot in Colombia. The law proposes changing an amendment added...

Film reveiw: Wajib, a co-production between Palestine and Colombia

Palestinian director Annemarie Jacir tells the story of a father and his son who go from house to house to personally deliver the invitations for the upcoming wedding of their daughter and sister. This follows a cultural tradition called Wajib, the name of the film, which translates as “duty”.

Borges Bio: A new graphic novel on the life of Argentina’s...

In Jorge Luis Borges’ celebrated short tale The Library of Babel, the author writes “Like all men of the library, I have travelled in...

The Macondo of sounds: Puerto Candelaria

We speak to the man behind paisa musical heavyweights Puerto Candelaria, better known abroad than at home.
Dance in the City

The best of dance in Bogotá: ‘Dance in the City’

The 11th edition of the annual festival ‘Dance in the City’– XI Festival Danza en la Ciudad – begins this week to celebrate local and international dance.
Kangaroo care

Colombia pioneers life-saving Kangaroo care

Kangaroo care can save the lives of premature babies by acting as a human incubator.
Ulrike Kuchner

On celestial beauty and Our Place in Space: A Q&A with...

Ulrike Kuchner is an astrophysicist who peers through the Hubble to map the universe and a visual artist who transforms research data into vibrant abstracts

Colombia connection: Mexico, Aztec Camera

The links between these two Latin American powerhouses go far deeper than mariachis, tacos and tequila.