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The Art of Science: Humboldt’s Legacy Across Time and Place

The latest exhibition at the Universidad Nacional, 'La naturaleza de las cosas: Humboldt, idas y venidas', explores the impact of the German explorer, Alexander von Humboldt, on contemporary Latin American art.
Canalon de Timbiquí

Canalón De Timbiqui bring Pacific sounds to Bogotá with new album

Canalon de Timbiquí's new album De mar y río raises awareness about the grave issues threatening communities in the Colombian Pacific.

Graffiti culture in Bogotá: Street art remembers the missing

Erre and Toxicomano are celebrated grafiteros with artwork all over the city now lending their expertise to a project raising awareness about los desaparecidos. An estimated 83,000 Colombians were forcibly disappeared in the conflict years between 1958 and 2015.

Graffiti culture in Bogotá: Say it and spray it

A graffiti tour in Bogotá: insights in society, as well as the breadth and breath-taking quality of the graffiti, makes the tour a worthwhile couple of hours, both for visitors and for residents who want to know a little more about what, and who, is colouring the streets of their city.

Comic Con Bogotá 2019: We can be heroes

Comic Con Bogotá 2019 promises four days full of comics, cosplay and guest stars. We've got some highlights from the annual geek-a-thon.

Colombia Connection: Namaste, India!

Despite being geographically distant, relations between Colombia and India have steadily grown closer, a look at the connection between the two.
Barack Obama

Barack Obama coming to Colombia to speak at the EXMA conference

Obama’s talk, "A conversation with President Barack Obama," will address influential growth strategies. but the former President won't talk about current politics.

Eight things to see and do during ARTBO Fin de Semana...

With just 72 hours to explore 67 participating galleries, we’re right here with you as always. Our handy list of some of the must see sights includes those on the official calendar and some that are a bit off the beaten track.
La 33

La 33 shake things up with their new album

Indie salsa band La 33 who put salsa bogotana on the map will release part of their long-awaited sixth album Si Tu Quieres Salsa on May 17.
El Piedra

Film Review: El Piedra

Despite revolving around the world of boxing, El Piedra doesn’t follow the classic sports story trope. Rather, the movie is a character-driven drama about facing responsibilities and overcoming obstacles.