Lobos: Youth, trauma and secrets

Lobos is a coming-of-age story set in an 80s boarding school that examines memory, youth and elitism. This a new production by the Compañía Nacional de las Artes is adapted from Robert Musil’s novel The Confusions of Young Törless.

“A space designed by women, for women”: Media Incubator ESPACIO announces...

Media incubator Espacio announces the launch of ActitudFem, a publication dedicated to women, that aims to provide the best content for their many different...
Organic food Bogota

In Bogotá: Organic food

Organic Bogota: From veg boxes to  organic shops, the city has a huge variety for the conscious consumer. Charlotte Mackenzie goes green across the...
Bogotá markets


Bogotá markets provide everything from fruit and veg, meat and dairy to kitchen supplies, flowers or handicrafts - one even provides a space to take a break from the hustle and bustle with a good book. Mariana Rolón takes a look at some of the best markets for getting immersed in Colombian culture.
Gay Bogotá

Gay Bogotá

With the recent legalisation of same sex adoption in Colombia, Alejandra Chipatecua takes a look at some of the best that Bogotá has to offer its gay community...
Bogotá brunch

Bogotá Brunch

Whether you have countless stories to chat about from the night, week or month before, fancy a catch up with friends or you are just really hungry, brunch is the new buzzword in Bogotá. Laura Sharkey has the lowdown on where to get the best not-quite-breakfast, not-quite-lunch in the city.
Colombia Tierra de Sabrosura

New tourist campaign enshrines 9 uniquely Colombian rhythms as Cultural Heritage...

Nine exclusively Colombian rhythms have been declared Cultural Heritage of the Americas, thanks to a tourism campaign run by ProColombia, the government entity in...

Julio Victoria to perform at Planetarium tonight

Acústico Eléctrico Digital is part of an initiative by the Alcaldía de Bogotá, through IDARTES (Instituto Distrital de las Artes), that seeks to invite various artists to perform at the planetarium annually. The purpose of the project is to digitally blend art and music.

Colombia’s finest photographers and music in Medellín

The Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography is widely recognised as one of the world’s biggest, and this year it was won by a Colombian.

Festival Estéreo Picnic Day 3: Shed some Royal Blood

The Estéreo Picnic party draws to a close after three days packed with fun and games.

Lobos: Youth, trauma and secrets

Lobos is a coming-of-age story set in an 80s boarding school that examines memory, youth and elitism. This a new production by the Compañía Nacional de las Artes is adapted from Robert Musil’s novel The Confusions of Young Törless.

Bogotá Fashion Week: A time machine in the middle of the...

How is even possible to transport people to a little Bogotá when people are already in Bogotá? Well, Faride Ramos did it with her latest collection called ‘Bogotá Sartorial’.

Seeing, thinking, feeling: Teju Cole at FILBo

We interview acclaimed American author Teju Cole after his fascinating panel at FILBo 2018, discussing his history, work and that particular perspective required of an author.

Aguanilé; the musical about Cali’s salsa revolution

A lively musical which takes viewers back to the heyday of Cali’s salsa revolution, this raunchy show promises plenty of energy and dancing.

Charity Soy Doy keen to get kids eating right with help from Bogotá Half...

Alejandro González worked at a local consultancy firm in Bogotá for just over 10 years. One year, his company decided to organise a team...
the story of Manuelita Sáenz

The story of Manuelita Sáenz

The story of Manuelita Sáenz, a show that touches on one of Colombia’s less well known parts of history, is coming to Colombia. British-Venezuelan Tamsin Clarke from the Popelei Theatre speaks about the award winning play.
Nicolás Montero

Nicolás Montero: Acting and anthropology

Since February, renowned Colombian actor Nicolás Montero has been the head of one of the country’s most important cultural institutions. The aim is to revive the Teatro Nacional, producing influential content that will enrich the lives of spectators. The the artistic director shares his views on the role of theatre on society and the way that plays can cast our lives in a new light.

Interview with Joe Bataan

Bogotá’s city centre is awash with music, as a whole variety of musical genres get the chance to shine at Festival Centro. One of the big names in the world of Latin soul, the African-American-Filipino Joe Bataan is certainly not one to be missed. He took some time out to speak to The Bogotá Post.
Song of The Goat, Songs of Lear, Grzegorz Bral

Theatre: Song of The Goat – Songs of Lear – Grzegorz Bral

Director of both Songs of Lear and the Song Of The Goat theatre association, Grzegorz Bral, kindly took some time out between rehearsals in the Auditorio Leon de Greiff to talk to The Bogotá Post about music, theatre and Bogotá.
Sophia Vergara Simpsons

Sofia set for Springfield

Colombian actress Sofia Vergara will be the voice of Bart Simpson’s new teacher in an episode of the new season of The Simpsons, according...
Motels Bogotá

Finding room for love motels

September is the mes del amor y la amistad in Colombia, and it’s the ideal time for anyone living here to share their true feelings. If those are feelings of love, Linda Gómez is on hand with an unusual guide to places that might surprise that special someone in your life.
Colegio del Cuerpo

Interview with Cartagena’s Colegio del Cuerpo dancers

Daniel Caicedo caught up with some of the Colegio del Cuerpo dancers as they prepared for their show in Bogota We in Colombia like to...
St. Patrick’s Day in Bogotá

St. Patrick’s Day in Bogotá

Brendan Corrigan explains what it’s like to be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day in Bogotá and why his will be a fairly low-key celebration. St....