One Young World

One Young World coming to Bogotá

One Young World, an annual summit that aims to empower the leaders of tomorrow by providing a platform for them to engage with the problems of today, is coming to Bogotá.

Graffiti in Bogotá: Urban art versus conservation

Wander up the narrow streets of La Candelaria that lead to the Chorro de Quevedo, the plaza packed with chicha-guzzling punters and street performers, and you might notice that some of the buildings have a new white-washed appearance. They've been painted (including painting over the graffiti) as part of an (IDPC) initiative to preserve the city’s heritage sites.
Otello Teatro Colón

The voices of Otello

Tejo Bogotá

Tejo: A banging good time

There is something intrinsically Colombian about the explosive sport of tejo. Ángela Forero-Aponte goes beyond the gunpowder and alcohol to understand more about this unique activity with roots that go back to pre-colonial times.
Bogotá sushi

In Bogotá; the top Sushi places in Bogotá

Whether you fancy a light bite or something more substantial, sushi always hits the spot. And fortunately for us, Bogotá has plenty of options from the Orient to keep our bouches amused. From cheap and cheerful to splashing out; from the one-of-a-kind to the ubiquitous, Laura Sharkey takes a look at some of the best.
Bogota nights out

Nights out

In our newest column we will take a look at some of the great places that the city has to offer. This time we share some of our favourite nights out, whether you’re looking for traditional Colombian vibes, an all-night party or a touch of live music.
Drunk food Colombia

Drunk food: Night out nosh

It’s a worldwide phenomenon that an excess of alcohol often causes a need for nourishment. Whether that be in the small hours of the morning, the day after, or even both, Phoebe Hopson has some top tips to quell your night-time cravings and help you find the best drunk food to put you back on your feet.
Bomba Estéreo

Bomba Estéreo launches new video

The entertainment news from this month, with Bomba Estéreo, Juanes and Pariente in the spotlights, while a Colombian company is mixed up in a sex scandal

Link festival: Underground Bogotá

Jeff Mills, Henning Baer, Dany Rodriguez, Detroit Techno Militia and Sonico mix dark and light at this year's Link festival. Our correspondent gets loved up and down to the beat in a gonzo look at the night which he says changed his life.

AJAZZGO: Cali festival focuses on native talent

Cali’s six day-long annual AJAZZGO festival has a special focus this year, programming a strong contingent of national talent. Colombia's jazz musicians are becoming increasingly well known in jazz strongholds such as New York City and Buenos Aires, as well as throughout their home country.

BOmm 2017: Interviews with Canalón de Timbiqui and Maite Hontelé

The capital’s annual music showcase, Bogotá Music Market (BOmm), is the most important event for many artists in Colombia. More than just a show, it provides a useful space for making contacts and networking. We got quotes from some of the movers and shakers.
SOFA 2017

SOFA 2017: The dragon goes from strength to strength

It’s that time again when wizards, wookies and anime lookalikes walk the streets of Bogotá: the annual dose of geekery and nerdism known as SOFA 2017 has arrived!

Colombia’s biggest geek-fest is back in Bogotá, SOFA: So what?

October brings the rainy season and with it an incentive to pull the curtains and settle down for some serious chilling time at home. Luckily, in mid-October there’s a huge celebration of all things geeky and freaky, as SOFA lands once again in Bogotá. Its full name is the Salón de Ocio y Fantasía and it’s Colombia’s biggest event for anyone and everyone involved in niche leisure pursuits.
Golden Lion Cider

The hike in popularity of cider in Colombia

Cider has arrived in Colombia, providing an appley alternative to beer and guaro. We have a chat with the pioneers who are behind the rise of cider in Colombia.

In Bogotá: top cafes in the city

Coffee shops serve a number of important roles for those who frequent them. For some, cafes are the physical and symbolic starting point of the day; the knob of the French press being the push-to-start ignition for a productive morning. For others, it’s a rendezvous point; the familiar place where groups of friends go when they need to meet up and air out the week’s dirty laundry.
Marco Bailey

Marco Bailey comes to BAUM

The W hotel on the novena, in the wastelands of the business north is not a place you'd usually find Oli Pritchard. But he's here to meet Marco Bailey, acclaimed techno DJ and that rarest of things, a famous Belgian.
Jo Strømgren Kompani, A Dance Tribute to Ping Pong

Theatre: Dance Tribute to Ping Pong

On a sunny afternoon in central Bogotá, we sent Oliver Pritchard down to the Fundación Gilberto Alzate Avendaño to see a preview of A...
Song of The Goat, Songs of Lear, Grzegorz Bral

Theatre: Song of The Goat – Songs of Lear – Grzegorz Bral

Director of both Songs of Lear and the Song Of The Goat theatre association, Grzegorz Bral, kindly took some time out between rehearsals in the Auditorio Leon de Greiff to talk to The Bogotá Post about music, theatre and Bogotá.

Interview with ‘Embrace of the serpent’ director Ciro Guerra

As Colombian film ‘El abrazo de la serpiente’ gains recognition worldwide, Charlotte Mackenzie speaks to director Ciro Guerra about what inspired him to make it.
Colegio del Cuerpo

Interview with Cartagena’s Colegio del Cuerpo dancers

Daniel Caicedo caught up with some of the Colegio del Cuerpo dancers as they prepared for their show in Bogota We in Colombia like to...
SOFA 2016, Genius Cube Store Bogotá

Genius Cube Store: Cubism in action

The Genius Cube Store is a regular feature at SOFA, featuring an impressive array of Rubik’s Cubes and other games that develop logic and strategy. Oli Pritchard pieces together the puzzle behind the store’s success.
Women Travel Latin America

Women Travel Latin America seeking contributors

If you’re a woman who has travelled in Latin America, Women Travel Latin America wants your stories for their upcoming book that hopes to inspire others to travel the continent.
James Blunt Bogota Colombia

Revealed: My night with James Blunt

We get up close and personal with British pop superstar James Blunt after his show in Bogota. Find out what he told us about Colombia, being short and speaking Spanish.
Hay Festival Cartagena 2016

Words take over Walled City

As the famed Hay Festival prepares to hit Cartagena once again, Azzam Alkadhi hears from some of those involved and finds out what’s in...