Drawing on Inspiration: Ilustrar para sentir at FILBo

The FILBo panel discussion entitled “Ilustrar Para Sentir” or, “Illustrate to Feel,” was represented by participants from three different countries characterised by three different native tongues.

Female empowerment; male rage

FILBo addressed the issue of feminism, women’s rights and male anger with a stimulating chat between two prominent women championing the cause of feminism in Colombia.
Margaritas in Bogota


The margarita has long been the cocktail of choice for tequila fans everywhere. From date nights to spicy surprises, Laura Sharkey checks out the best Bogota bars for sipping a refreshing cocktail.
Bogotá brunch

Bogotá Brunch

Whether you have countless stories to chat about from the night, week or month before, fancy a catch up with friends or you are just really hungry, brunch is the new buzzword in Bogotá. Laura Sharkey has the lowdown on where to get the best not-quite-breakfast, not-quite-lunch in the city.
Best Pizza in Bogota

In Bogotá, top Pizzas in Bogotá

Who doesn’t love pizza? There’s something for everyone and you can’t really go wrong with a quality slice. The good news is that Bogota has plenty of choice when it comes to our favourite Italian delicacy, the only hard part is choosing from the multitude of restaurants available. Luckily, Laura Sharkey has put together a selection of her favourites to help make your decision easier.

In Bogotá: top cafes in the city

Coffee shops serve a number of important roles for those who frequent them. For some, cafes are the physical and symbolic starting point of the day; the knob of the French press being the push-to-start ignition for a productive morning. For others, it’s a rendezvous point; the familiar place where groups of friends go when they need to meet up and air out the week’s dirty laundry.
Colombia Tierra de Sabrosura

New tourist campaign enshrines 9 uniquely Colombian rhythms as Cultural Heritage...

Nine exclusively Colombian rhythms have been declared Cultural Heritage of the Americas, thanks to a tourism campaign run by ProColombia, the government entity in...

Julio Victoria to perform at Planetarium tonight

Acústico Eléctrico Digital is part of an initiative by the Alcaldía de Bogotá, through IDARTES (Instituto Distrital de las Artes), that seeks to invite various artists to perform at the planetarium annually. The purpose of the project is to digitally blend art and music.

Colombia’s finest photographers and music in Medellín

The Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography is widely recognised as one of the world’s biggest, and this year it was won by a Colombian.

Festival Estéreo Picnic Day 3: Shed some Royal Blood

The Estéreo Picnic party draws to a close after three days packed with fun and games.

You’re sending me dotty: Braille workshops at FILBo

Braille is named after its inventor, Louis Braille, a Frenchman who developed the coded system in 1824 after a childhood accident blinded him.. As part of the ‘More ways to read’ section of FILBo, multiple workshops on reading and writing braille have been organised in the FILBo: Talleres space.

Don’t miss the local talent at FILBo 2018

Juliana Muñoz Toro, writer, professor of Creative Writing at Universidad Central and regular literary columnist for El Espectador, gives her recommendations on top Colombian...

Mafalda: the little girl with big ideas at FILBo

As guest of honour at FILBo, Argentina have brought over 90 speakers to take part in 70 events, among them authors, illustrators, playwrights, journalists – even scientists and chefs. We highlight the significance of Mafalda, the little girl with big ideas from Argentina. 

Argentina: Guest of honour at FILBo 2018

As guest of honour at FILBo, Argentina have brought over 90 speakers to take part in 70 events, among them authors, illustrators, playwrights, journalists – even scientists and chefs.

Interview with Joe Bataan

Bogotá’s city centre is awash with music, as a whole variety of musical genres get the chance to shine at Festival Centro. One of the big names in the world of Latin soul, the African-American-Filipino Joe Bataan is certainly not one to be missed. He took some time out to speak to The Bogotá Post.

Joyce: The ingredients of success

If you’ve ever bought a cake at Carulla, you’ve almost certainly tried a cake made by Joyce, one of Bogotá’s most famous bakeries. After nearly 46 years in the business, founder Joyce Mitrani shares some of the stories and its longevity – though none of her secret recipes. 
Nils Klofver Bogotá

Nils Klöfver: Fusing music and art

Swedish classical guitarist Nils Klöfver arrived in Bogotá this month to promote his newest album, Altgitarr, which goes from Bach to The Beatles. Over...

Bogotá’s Festival Centro – Interviews with Joe Bataan, Crack Family and Elkin Robinson

Bogotá’s first celebration of the year, Festival Centro offers a great opportunity to enjoy music from over 50 musicians from Colombia and further afield, María Alejandra Jaramillo speaks to some of the artists involved.

BOmm 2017: Interviews with Canalón de Timbiqui and Maite Hontelé

The capital’s annual music showcase, Bogotá Music Market (BOmm), is the most important event for many artists in Colombia. More than just a show, it provides a useful space for making contacts and networking. We got quotes from some of the movers and shakers.
St Patrick's Day Bogotá, Oktoberfest Bogotá

Not-so-traditional festivities

Faced with the Gringo-inspired onslaught of Valentine’s Day, Linda Gómez looks into how different countries’ traditions have arrived on Colombian shores and gained popularity amongst local consumers.
Ask Jazid, Colombian superstitions

To kiss or not to kiss?

In a new column that aims to answer your questions about Colombian etiquette, customs, and a host of other things that might puzzle visitors to the country, Jazid Contreras valiantly takes up the role of agony uncle. This edition he gives you a Colombian guide to friendly physical contact.
Colombian novena

Novenas: an oh-so-Colombian tradition

As December gets underway, you will no doubt begin to hear Colombians talking about their upcoming novenas, a tradition unique to Colombia and parts...
Bogotá Christmas lights

Bogotá Christmas lights

The city is all dolled-up for the holiday season with large-scale Bogotá Christmas lights installations, enormous trees in public spaces and a myriad of other attractions. Ángela Forero-Aponte speaks to the director of the city’s department of tourism, Adriana Gutiérrez, who gave a foretaste of what both bogotanos and visitors can experience during the Christmas festivities in the capital this year.