No single story can capture Adichie at FILBo 2023

Chimamanda Ngochie Adichie talks roots, race, language, feminism, history, and grief in Bogotá.

Potatoes in your pockets: 3 tricks for a long life from...

Jesus María Rodriguez (Chucho), an 87-year-old retired shoemaker living in Cúcuta, on Colombia’s border with Venezuela, has been stealing potatoes, concocting special juices, and watering local trees in an effort to protect his health. And you may want to take note.
Drunk food Colombia

Drunk food: Night out nosh

It’s a worldwide phenomenon that an excess of alcohol often causes a need for nourishment. Whether that be in the small hours of the morning, the day after, or even both, Phoebe Hopson has some top tips to quell your night-time cravings and help you find the best drunk food to put you back on your feet.

In Bogotá: top cafes in the city

Coffee shops serve a number of important roles for those who frequent them. For some, cafes are the physical and symbolic starting point of the day; the knob of the French press being the push-to-start ignition for a productive morning. For others, it’s a rendezvous point; the familiar place where groups of friends go when they need to meet up and air out the week’s dirty laundry.
Gay Bogotá

Gay Bogotá

With the recent legalisation of same sex adoption in Colombia, Alejandra Chipatecua takes a look at some of the best that Bogotá has to offer its gay community...

Hiking in Bogotá: Crunch time for Bogotá’s Cerros Orientales

We speak to the Amigos de la Montaña, a people-power association trying to protect the city's eastern mountains, the Cerros Orientales.
The Cocuy stage at 2022 to illustrate article on Festival Cordillera 2023

Festival Cordillera 2023: Latin talent galore in the heart of Bogotá

Festival Cordillera 2023 will take place in the capital on September 23 and 24. Find out who’s playing and why we think the event is a new highlight in the city’s music calendar.
Estéreo Picnic 2023

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2023: A Look Back 

Estéreo Picnic 2023 brought together more than 100 artists, bands and DJs, from international stars like Wu-Tang Clan to national treasures like Alci Acosta.
Salt Cathedral ready for a homecoming by Cynthia Villamil

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2023: ‘There’s this great musical heritage in Colombia...

With Festival Estéreo Picnic just around the corner, we’re covering the local bands set to light up the event. Today it’s the...
Lalo Cortés onstage

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2023: Lalo Cortés is bringing jazz back

“We need to rethink jazz.” It can be a marmite genre, but soul singer Lalo Cortés is leading the charge to redefine...
Happy huskies in Park for article on Expopet 2023

Expopet 2023 – the cat’s out of the bag!

Colombia’s biggest pet-focused space, Expopet 2023, opens August 17 with plenty of fun and games for furry or feathered (or scaly) friends.

‘La literature está viva’: FILBo 2023 spotlights the children’s writers embracing...

Mary Grueso, Ana Alcolea, and Celso Román talk about the importance of oral traditions at FILBo 2023.

Step into the extraordinary world of Sako Asko this weekend

Teusaquillo plays host to SakoAskoFest this weekend in a short-lived pop-up exhibition. We went to the launch to see why there’s so much buzz around this young Colombian artist.

Día sin Carro: Sin Carro, Without Cares?

Bogotá's Día sin Carro always generates its share of positive and negative comments. Find out what's driving the car-free day.

Creative industries: Interview with Hugo Heppell, Head of Investments at Screen Yorkshire

In a series of interviews with some of the UK's leading lights in the creative industry, we spoke to Hugo Heppell, Head of Investments at Screen Yorkshire.

‘Fico’ eyes Colombia’s presidency: An interview with pre-candidate Federico Gutiérrez

The Bogotá Post interviewed Colombian pre-presidential candidate Federico Gutiérrez, discussing international politics, the peace process, and his key goals if he makes it to the Presidency.
Peter Pan Bogotá

There is no need to grow up as Peter Pan comes to Colombia

Big musicals like Peter Pan are certainly not a Colombian Christmas tradition, but perhaps they will become so because the way they combine the energy of a live performance with cinematic wizardry is simply breathtaking.
Nicolás Montero

Nicolás Montero: Acting and anthropology

Since February, renowned Colombian actor Nicolás Montero has been the head of one of the country’s most important cultural institutions. The aim is to revive the Teatro Nacional, producing influential content that will enrich the lives of spectators. The the artistic director shares his views on the role of theatre on society and the way that plays can cast our lives in a new light.

Key medical worker says, ‘We are far from flattening the curve’

Coronavirus doesn’t only affect medical staff who work directly with patients affected by the illness. The knock-on effect to other areas of healthcare has also been profound, as we found out when we spoke to an epidemiologist.
James Blunt Bogota Colombia

Revealed: My night with James Blunt

We get up close and personal with British pop superstar James Blunt after his show in Bogota. Find out what he told us about Colombia, being short and speaking Spanish.
Thanksgiving in Bogotá

Thanks for the grub

Thanksgiving is upon you and the American readers among us will no doubt be busily planning the best way to celebrate the occasion here...
SOFA 2016, Genius Cube Store Bogotá

Genius Cube Store: Cubism in action

The Genius Cube Store is a regular feature at SOFA, featuring an impressive array of Rubik’s Cubes and other games that develop logic and strategy. Oli Pritchard pieces together the puzzle behind the store’s success.
Bogotá Christmas lights

Bogotá Christmas lights

The city is all dolled-up for the holiday season with large-scale Bogotá Christmas lights installations, enormous trees in public spaces and a myriad of other attractions. Ángela Forero-Aponte speaks to the director of the city’s department of tourism, Adriana Gutiérrez, who gave a foretaste of what both bogotanos and visitors can experience during the Christmas festivities in the capital this year.