El Testigo documentary armed conflict Colombia

British filmmaker offers a “meditation on forgiveness” in documentary on Colombian...

Kate Horne and Jesús Abad Colorado. British documentary filmmaker Kate Horne’s latest documentary film The...

Petronio Álvarez music festival: Sounds of the pacific

This year’s Petronio Álvarez Festival is a celebration of all things Pacific that will take place in Cali from August 14 to 19.

Bringing clean water to Quibdó through rainwater harvesting

Water, water everywhere…but not a lot to drink. Despite being on the rainiest places on the planet, Colombia’s Chocó department has a serious lack of clean water. Here's how one group are working to fix it.

1819 – 2019: 200 years of Colombia

Colombia has had a rollercoaster 200 years of history. Check out some key moments…

The Great Hack: Who pays the Pig.gi?

Netflix documentary The Great Hack has put the spotlight on data mining and social media manipulation in Colombia.

Llanero music heroes, Cimarrón, talk about their new album

Cimarrón, the group who brought joropo music to the global stage, recently released their new album, Orinoco. There’s also a new video for one of the songs on the album, ‘Tonada de La Palomita’, filmed high up in the Cerros de Mavecure.

Hiking in Bogotá: Crunch time for Bogotá’s Cerros Orientales

We speak to the Amigos de la Montaña, a people-power association trying to protect the city's eastern mountains, the Cerros Orientales.

Egan Bernal’s incredible Tour de France 2019

This year the stars have aligned to make a long Colombian yellow dream come true as Egan Bernal wears the yellow jersey in Paris.

Bogotá celebrates its 20th half marathon this Sunday

The annual running event happening tomorrow will gather thousands of people from different countries.
Demonstrators in white sheets are protesting the killings of social leaders in Colombia

What is the government’s current commitment to protecting social leaders in...

Silent demonstrations take place on on Medellín's metro, July 26, 2019. Image courtesy of Movimiento Defendamos La Paz.