Post conflict 2 years on: Reconciliation: ‘Not easy, but not impossible’

It's two years since congress ratified the peace agreement with the FARC. In Caquetá, an ancient Japanese art form connects civilians, ex-FARC, & military.
Student march

Marchers paralyse Bogotá’s main routes with seventh protest in six weeks

The seventh 'Take the City' march in as many weeks was supported by trade unions, social organisations, farmers and indigenous groups – also protesting the government's tax proposals.

Poison shock in Odebrecht corruption case

The suspicious deaths of a whistleblower and his son have heaped more mystery on the Odebrecht corruption case, linked to the construction of the Ruta del Sol II route.

British delegation concerned over Colombian peace accord and state of detainees

A delegation from the UK has urged Colombian authorities to guarantee imprisoned FARC leader Jesús Santrich’s rights to a fair hearing and has asked...
Ivan Duque cabinet

Opinion: 100 days of ‘meh’

The first 100 days of President Duque have passed by. Critics and supporters  of the president have rushed to evaluate his first three months...
Student strikes

Student strikes continue: The march of the pencils

The march for more funds for public universities is the seventh massing in seven weeks, but the stakes are higher as recent outings have ended in violent clashes with riot police.

Governor of Antioquia arrested on contempt of court charges

An arrest warrant was issued yesterday for Governor of Antioquia Luis Pérez Gutiérrez on contempt of court charges. The warrant was authorised by a...

Cyber crime: SIM swapping, a new form of hacking

Hackers can access your bank account through SIM swapping before you can say two-tier authentication.

Colombia connection: Mexico, Aztec Camera

The links between these two Latin American powerhouses go far deeper than mariachis, tacos and tequila.
Education protests

Student protests against government education policies remain on the ropes

After over a month and a half on the streets, leaders of the main student organisations negotiating with the Ministry of Education are struggling...