Casa Taller Colombia

Obituary: Sam Ling Gibson

A man who lead by example and will be missed by many.

Art for Impact: For a fistful of bolivars

Art for Impact has a banknote-themed show and a timely reminder of the continuing crisis in Venezuela.

ÉPICO – it’s going to be epic

EPICO, which stands for Entrepreneurship, Product, Innovation, Community, and Outliers, is taking place in Bogotá this week.

Death of grafitero Diego Felipe Becerra: Murder for art’s sake

How the controversial shooting of 16-year-old grafitero Diego Felipe Becerra in Bogotá 8 years ago led to allegations of a police cover-up.

Bagazal: bring on the bulldozers

City authorities are at last tackling illegal luxury houses in Bogotá's eastern hills as the bulldozers move in to Bagazal.

Jaime Garzón: The day the laughter stopped

Jaime Garzón was assassinated on the streets of Bogotá 20 years ago today. Here we remember Colombia’s best-loved – and deeply missed – comedian.

Monsieur Periné and others: Live from the stage to your screen

Bogota’s Teatro Mayor is broadcasting a live stream of 10 of its top artistic performances via the platform TeatroDigital, which can be accessed from all corners of the world.

Hiking in Bogotá: Crunch time for Bogotá’s Cerros Orientales

We speak to the Amigos de la Montaña, a people-power association trying to protect the city's eastern mountains, the Cerros Orientales.

Singing Humboldt’s praises in Bogotá: a musical based on his life

The story of a scientific wunderkind comes to the Bogotá stage

Bringing on the ‘better’ bendy buses

Replacement vehicles promise a smoother TransMilenio. But will they bring less commuter misery – and fresher air – to one of the planet’s most congested cities?