FILBo 2022: Narrative Journalism and the Power of Stories

Ever wondered how a story can change society? These three writers and journalists have built real change through their storytelling.

FILBo is back! Here’s what FILBo 2022 has in store for...

Until May 2, the Feria del Libro will be back – in person – and there’s plenty to see and do. Here’s a run down of what to expect at this year’s event.

Zoom in on Bogotá by virtual tour

A virtual tour lets you travel the world without worrying about Covid tests or quarantines. We speak to a Bogotá guide about how it works.

Tens of thousands march in Bogotá’s first anti-government protests of the...

A largely peaceful national strike saw sporadic outbursts of violence. Marchers complain the government has been irresponsive to their demands and say protests will continue.

Christmas songs in Colombia: all the songs you need to know

6 Christmas songs you need to know to impress your Colombian friends and family this festive season.

Guardia Indígena join Bogotá marches

Indigenous groups and Guardia Indígena arrived in the capital in recent days ready to participate in the third national strike.
Opening Sign from Web Congress

Colombia’s Tenth Web Congress: a digital gateway into Latin America

Three days after J Balvin, arguably Colombia’s most marketed artist, graced the stage for his ArcoIris tour,...

‘The state wants to silence us’

Steven Gutiérrez was an eyewitness to the fatal wounding of Dilan Cruz, a young student shot with anti-riot ammunition by ESMAD. Since denouncing the attack Gutiérrez has received death threats. He speaks to The Bogotá Post.

Latin America rises up in unison

As the Cacerolazo Latinoamericano calls for equality and human rights in the region, one of the Chilean activists who joined in jokes that Colombians ‘have more rhythm.’

In numbers: 8 days of the Colombian protests

The country has seen over a week of mass protests. We wrap up the national strike so far with some interesting numbers.