Kangaroo care

Colombia pioneers life-saving Kangaroo care

Kangaroo care can save the lives of premature babies by acting as a human incubator.
International Car Show

Bogotá’s International Car Show: The torque of the town

We preview Bogotá’s biennial Salón del Automóvil – the city's international car show, where the car’s the star that takes place from November 7-14.

ARTBO 2018 takes it up to eleven

Some of the highlights fron ARTBO 2018, including ZDEY at the newly opened Bandy Bandy Gallery and other delights in San Felipe.
Feria del Millón

Feria del Millón: If I had a Millón pesos…

Feria del Millón is back with just two days to explore the work of more than 60 emerging artists, all selling work for under 1.4 million pesos.
Barcu 2018

Barcú, the art festival ‘black sheep’

In addition to plenty of art from emerging artists, Barcú 2018 has a full programme of music, literature, cinema and theatre.
ARTBO 2018

ARTBO 2018: Artecámara promises to shake things up

ARTBO 2018 will welcome 70 galleries from 20 countries. There will be a total of 350 artists presenting 3,000 pieces of artwork at this, the 14th year edition of this world-renowned art fair, ARTBO.
María Paz Gaviria

María Paz Gaviria: Bogotá’s queen of the art world

We had an art-to-art with ARTBO director María Paz Gaviria to find out what’s going to be at this edition of the extravaganza.
Arena Púrpura

Japan No-Go: The best-laid plans of Arena Púrpura go awry

The Arena Púrpura Fan Fest did not live up to its promise in celebrating Japanese popular culture in the capital.
Pet adoption

Pet adoption is an option

With thousands of strays in the capital, if you are considering getting a four-legged friend, pet adoption might be for you.

J-rock in Colombia: RAION roars

We speak to the members of new Colombian J-rock band, RAION – Bogotá’s freshest addition to the Japanese culture scene.