In numbers: 8 days of the Colombian protests

The country has seen over a week of mass protests. We wrap up the national strike so far with some interesting numbers.

ESMAD shooting leaves student in critical condition

A young protestor was struck by a grenade on Saturday night, leaving him fighting for his life

Bogotá curfew: What happened on Friday night?

Bogotá Curfew: Friday 22 November saw a whirlwind of news hit Bogotá, both true and false, we try to give some context to what happened.

Sin violencia?

Rain, tear gas and violence fail to break the spirits of N21 protestors. A first person account of the protests.

In photos: National strike in Bogotá

The best photos from the National Strike in the capital.

Peñalosa says police have been respectful of protocols

Mayor Enrique Peñalosa spoke to the press following Thursday's events in Bogotá and blames individual acts of aggression on the heat of...

Cacerolazos: Reclaim the calles

Out and about in last night’s cacerolazos as spontaneous demonstrations break out across the country.

WeTrade Fair: ‘We are also citizens like any other Colombian’

WeTrade emphasized how more inclusive business practices could help firms expand their customer base.

Suffer little animals: Animal mistreatment

The Instituto Proteccion y Bienestar Animal does sterling work protecting the non-human residents of Bogotá.

Bogotá hiking: Quebrada La Vieja re-opens for visitors

Bogotá's most popular hiking trail is open again, but to avoid overcrowding you need to book your space on-line in advance.