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Demonstrators in white sheets are protesting the killings of social leaders in Colombia

What is the government’s current commitment to protecting social leaders in...

Silent demonstrations take place on on Medellín's metro, July 26, 2019. Image courtesy of Movimiento Defendamos La Paz.

Independence day: Five people who built the Colombia we know and...

July 20 is Colombia's independence day so we look at five people of great importance for the modern day Colombia we all know and love.

Climate Change: A challenge for Colombia’s campesinos

If, as predicted, temperatures in Colombia rise by 2.14°C by the end of the century, it’s those in rural areas who are most likely to be affected by climate change.
JEP Colombia Peace Process

JEP budget for 2020 to reduce by 30 percent

March in defense of the JEP, Bogotá, March 2019. Image courtesy of Deposit Photos. The budget for the...

Oli’s big Topic: NIMBY pamby – Not In My Back Yard!

Money talks and bullshit walks. That’s pretty much what’s happening in the saga of the TransMilenio extension to Carrera Séptima.
Disappeared Armed Conflict Colombia

Investigators begin their search for 100,000 missing persons in Colombia

Paying homage to forcibly disappeared victims of Colombia's armed conflict. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Officials within...
FARC Peace Agreement Santrich

Guzmán: The FARC share the blame for the peace agreement’s failure

Colombia's government signed the peace agreement with the FARC-EP in September 2016. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. It’s...

From fancy firewater to frightened footballers: The international press on Colombia

From fancy firewater to frightened footballers and a true porn university, the international press focusses on several topics from Colombia.

Bringing on the ‘better’ bendy buses

Replacement vehicles promise a smoother TransMilenio. But will they bring less commuter misery – and fresher air – to one of the planet’s most congested cities?

Mayoral elections 2019: Can you vote?

Did you know that foreign residents can vote to decide who becomes mayor? Register now so that you can have your say in this October’s local elections.