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Café Pushkin still pushing for reintegration of former FARC members.

To find out more about the role that reintegration initiatives can play, The Bogotá Post spoke to César Jerez, the owner of Café Pushkin – a café that sources its products directly from various conflict zones in the country.

Can renegade guerrillas reignite a war?

Confused by the recent news stories on conflict in Colombia? Here’s a quick Q & A to get you up to speed….
Estamos Listas Gender Politics Medellin

Medellín’s women-centered political movement is ready for city council

Image courtesy of Estamos Listas. Estamos listas, which translates to “we’re ready” in English, is Medellín’s first ever...

Blighted bananas and bonkers bikers, international media on Colombia

International media on Colombia, Medellin’s thrill-seeking Gravity Bikers popped up on BBC News, in a video showing their hair-raising descents of mountain roads using adapted bicycles – but no helmets.

Palacio de Justicia: missing workers were ‘disappeared’

An international court backs families claiming state agents kidnapped and killed their loved ones at the Palacio de Justicia in 1985.
Palace of justice, Bogota

Opinion: The lies of Colombia’s politicians should not go unpunished

The Palace of Justice in Bogota where the inscription at the entrance reads "Colombians, guns have given you independence, laws...
FARC Peace Agreement Santrich

Reactions to FARC rebels’ return to arms

Reactions to the announcement that former FARC members will return to arms has been swift, both inside and outside Colombia.

Former FARC commanders announce return to arms

In a video released overnight, Iván Márquez released the group’s manifesto and accused the government of failing to keep its promises and failing to protect the lives of citizens.

The Amazon is burning: Can Colombia save its forests?

As Brazil's forests burn, we ask: what's in store for Colombia's Amazon wilderness.

Q&A: Change.org’s Amazon rainforest fire campaign

We speak to the people behind yesterday’s protests outside the Brazilian embassy to put pressure on the government to take action.