A magical mystery tour on the Rio Magdalena

Whether or not Gabo spun his words in Mompox, Aracataca and Ciénaga, he is present in the slow pace of everyday life, the steady friendliness of the people and the magic of the Caribbean heat, sun, colour and life.

Going to Paradise on Bogotá’s TransMiCable

A kind of ‘TransMiCable euphoria’ seems to have set in, and people want to talk about it.

How safe are travellers in Colombia?

January’s car bomb which killed 21 young recruits at the police academy has again put a spotlight on traveller’s safety in Colombia and its capital.

Camping in the Gulf of Urabá

A dock in Capurgana, a small village along the Gulf of Urabá A region that...
Christmas trips

Colombian twist to Christmas: Getting out of the capital for the...

Colombia is known for celebrating any occasion with immense spirit, and as the brightest of all events, Christmas is no exception. Whatever Christmas means for you, find out where you can put a Colombian twist on your traditions and customs.

Hiking in the Tatacoa: Starry nights, meteors and UFO landing zones

Photo by Luca Tofan VILLAVIEJA, HUILA – As I laid down on a rock, still feeling its heat...

Isla Múcura: La Isla Bonita on the caribbean coast

It’s sunshine and coconuts by day and plankton dancing by night on the Isla Múcura. Plus, if you take the scenic route, getting to this island paradise is half the pleasure.

Medellin’s very own traditional Coffee Hacienda

Don Carlos Monzon sits contentedly in his office on the bottom floor of Hacienda Media Luna, a majestic 160-year old coffee homestead perched high...
Rainbow gathering

Searching for the Crystal Land: The Rainbow Gathering in Southern Colombia

"When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes,...

Hot Springs, Volcanos and Altitude Sickness: Colombia’s Cerros Los Nevados

  I was nearing 4,000m on the ascent to Colombia’s Cerros Los Nevados when the situation became serious. My trekking partner, delirious from the cold,...