Deforestation Amazon Colombia

Colombian supreme court issues ground-breaking ruling on Amazonian deforestation

Colombian Supreme Court judges rule the urgent necessity for government measures to protect the Amazon from deforestation which, according to recent statistics, increased by...
Cali Colombia, El Gato del Río

Getting stuck into Cali

Colombia’s third largest city moves at a different pace to the bigger and busier Bogotá, or the more modern and refined Medellín. Best known for its vibrant dance scene, often referred to as the salsa capital, the city has much more to offer such as food, architecture, parks and museums.
Casanare Colombia

Mi Casanare es su Casanare

Casanare is not at the top of many people’s lists when it comes to Colombian departments. Colombia’s wild wild east is chock-full of capybaras, caiman and other animals, as well as spectacular scenery and generous servings of meat, as Oliver Pritchard discovers.
Colombian festivals

Find your Colombian festivals fix

With so many Colombian festivals to look forward to throughout the year, it’s best to get your travel calendar sorted early. Chris Erb races through some of the best and most unusual events to watch out for.
LGBT tourism Bogotá

Bogotá: LGBT Tourism Capital

As Bogotá begins to market itself as an emerging capital of LGBT tourism, Christopher Outlaw wonders what exactly ‘LGBT tourism’ means, why it’s worth promoting, and what the city has to offer.
Colombian destinations 2016

Top 10 travel destinations in Colombia for 2016

For those of you who are tired of the same old stuff, those of you who have been there and done that, and need some travel inspiration for 2016, we bring you a new set of 10 destinations to visit in Colombia.