Medellín expats, charity groups in fight against ‘hunger pandemic’

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Coronavirus hits Colombian prison population hard

Critics say the government’s response to early warnings about the spread of COVID-19 in Colombian prisons was too little, too late.

Waste in the times of COVID-19

Recicladores and rubbish collectors are on the frontline too.

Behind closed doors: Domestic violence against children in quarantine

As tensions and challenges from the nationwide quarantine increase, the usual channels that might pick up on abuse are not working.

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A widowed Colombian farmer and her two young sons have gone viral on YouTube, to their own shock and surprise. Now their videos are educating viewers on the realities of life as a campesino.

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Viva Air, looking to accelerate ideas that will reignite the aviation industry, has announced the 10 finalists...

Former coffee plantation becomes coronavirus refuge for international artists

After the founders of ArteSumapaz, an art centre just outside Bogotá invited anyone stranded to spend quarantine with them, 13 poets, painters, musicians and other creators spent lockdown together.

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