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Of craic & Colombia: the connection with Ireland

We take a look at the links - both historical and contemporary - between Ireland and Colombia.

A nation on the move: Venezuelan migrants walk great distances to...

Jhony (pictured right) looks to hitch a ride with his son after having climbed the páramo in two days.

Role models, resources key to getting more girls into STEM

Colombian girls need to see more Colombian women in STEM careers if they are to consider them a possibility in their own lives. This according to a panel of experts assembled for MujerSTEM, a day-long event organized by the Escuela Colombiana de Ingeniería Julio Garavito.

Who peopled South America? New ancient DNA study reveals continent’s first...

Indigenous Americans as portrayed in Apocalypto. Still courtesy of Touchstone Pictures. The question of migrations--that of how...

Colombia Connection: China, bring on the Earth Pig

China has been a mysterious entity for most Colombians for many years, seen mostly as a source of cheap consumer goods and even cheaper mixed rice dishes. However, the Chinese whispers are getting louder as links between the two countries grow stronger.

Andrés París interview: Former FARC chief weighs in on Colombian peace...

Former FARC chief Andrés Paris (left) pictured with Jesús Santrich. Picture provided by Andrés Paris. In a...

The last straw

Saying no to straws is one of many ways to reduce your plastic consumption.

The students from the Latin American Leadership Academy and their mission...

Co-founder David Baptista along with LALA students. (Photo by Jordan Jones) The deadline for final presentations was the...

Only muppets like Christmas

Christmas is a riot of over consumption and greed argues our columnist.
Bogotá hiking

Bogotá hiking: Back to the hills?

Bogotá city authorities are considering an ambitious plan to re-open the old trails and rehabilitate less-used routes onto the mountain.