London Language Institute

The last straw

Saying no to straws is one of many ways to reduce your plastic consumption.

The students from the Latin American Leadership Academy and their mission...

Co-founder David Baptista along with LALA students. (Photo by Jordan Jones) The deadline for final presentations was the...

Only muppets like Christmas

Christmas is a riot of over consumption and greed argues our columnist.
Bogotá hiking

Bogotá hiking: Back to the hills?

Bogotá city authorities are considering an ambitious plan to re-open the old trails and rehabilitate less-used routes onto the mountain.

Heal the world

Arhuaco spiritual leader, el mamo Lorenzo Seuny Izquierdo Arroyo, speaks about his mission to create a greater consciousness towards the planet.
Francisco José de Caldas

Mapping the life of Caldas, a Colombian superhero

'Ojos en el Cielo, Pies en la Tierra' at the Museo Nacional focuses on the astronomical and map making skills of Francisco José de...
Female genital mutilation

Cutting danger: Female genital mutilation

While it is more commonly associated with parts of Africa, female genital mutilation (FGM) is a practice that has taken hold in select communities...
French connection

The French connection in Colombia

Oooh la la! Colombia’s links to the country of romance and wine go back to independence.

Deforestation in Colombia: The forest is burning

Deforestation in the Amazon has reached a critical point – if action is not taken now, the eco-systems will not recover.

Venezuelan voices: Friends and family

One migrant explains to me: at night the trucks give rides and in the darkness the police turn a blind eye. It’s how many Venezuelan migrants move on, like hobos jumping freight trains, traveling slowly and surely into the unknown.