Colombian startups invited to compete for $5 million in funding

Ingram Micro, a company delivering global technology and supply chain services, has launched the Comet Competition and invited entrepreneurs from over a...

Colombia 4.0 in Barranquilla to host Startup México, 500 Startups and...

This November 7th the city of Barranquilla is set to host Colombia 4.0, one of the most...

Viva Air Labs Introduces First Batch of Inaugural Advisory Board and...

This week Viva Air Labs, founded by Clyde Hutchinson, is introducing its first batch of inaugural Advisory...

Colombia Connection: UK Rules, OK?

From environmental collaboration to commercial connections, ties between Colombia and the UK are flourishing.

Letter from Tumaco: Notes from the forgotten pearl of the Pacific.

A trip to Tumaco reveals that the violence is there, but not as conspicuous as you might expect. A new series where writers share their observations about less-visited zones of the country.
Colombia Local Elections 2019

A forecast of Colombia’s upcoming local elections

Candidates for the position of Mayor of Medellín: Víctor Correa, Jesús Ramirez and Daniel Quintero (left-right). Image courtesy of Víctor Correa.

Bogotá’s Scooters: Harmless fun or serious hazard?

The Bogotá Post decided to take to the streets to find out more about the current boom on scooters in the capital.

Café Pushkin still pushing for reintegration of former FARC members.

To find out more about the role that reintegration initiatives can play, The Bogotá Post spoke to César Jerez, the owner of Café Pushkin – a café that sources its products directly from various conflict zones in the country.

The Bogota Post presents its 2019 European Innovation Leaders in Colombia

As Colombia establishes its position as a global business leader, more innovators from around the globe are...

The Amazon is burning: Can Colombia save its forests?

As Brazil's forests burn, we ask: what's in store for Colombia's Amazon wilderness.