Colombia Elections 2022: Hernández vs. Petro on trans rights

As the Colombia election 2022 enters the final fortnight, we’ve been looking at key issues. Today it’s Trans rights on the table in our analysis of Petro and Rodolfo’s positions

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The legendary treasure ship is back in the news, so here's a quick summary of the saga of the Galleon San José so far.

Petro vs. Rodolfo: How Colombia’s presidential candidates compare on education.

School is in for both Petro and Rodolfo in the Colombian presidential election. Sit down in front of the whiteboard and see their education proposals!

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Election cheat sheets: Federico Gutiérrez, aka Fico

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Sergio Fajardo is a familiar face in Colombian politics. But what’s he standing for? Find out in our latest candidate cheat sheet.

Íngrid Betancourt pulls out of Colombian presidential race

Íngrid Betancourt announced on social media that she would no longer stand in the presidential elections and instead will support Rodolfo Hernández. 

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The corrientazo is a cheap lunch found in basic restaurants all over Colombia. They are particularly common in Bogotá. Find out about the origins of corrientazos and how to find a good one.

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