Banksy comes to Bogotá

Get a taste of the Banksy: Genius or Vandal exhibition in Bogotá, featuring over 100 works from the internationally-renowned street artist.

Another mixtape for Festival Cordillera 2022

We’ve made you another mixtape featuring artists from Sunday's Festival Cordillera in Parque Simón Bolívar. Who tickles your fancy?

Your mixtape for Festival Cordillera 2022: Saturday

Check out our Festival Cordillera Saturday playlist, featuring artists from this weekend’s superstar lineup at this Latin music festival.

National Coffee Day in Colombia: A project transforming the lives of...

"El Campo Nos Mueve" is a project led by Vive Bailando and Nitrofert, in collaboration with the Cooperativa de Caficultores de Antioquia, which aims to transform the lives of young coffee growers in the municipality of Jericó through dance.

The 1000 +1 exhibition explores a universe of love and divinity

Rafael Barón Herazo’s show entitled 1000 +1 can be found on the second floor of Otros 360 Gallery. We speak to the artist to find out more.

Petro vs. Rodolfo: Security

Security is perhaps only behind the economy in voter’s minds. Find out what the candidates have to say.

Petro vs. Rodolfo: A sporting chance? How Colombia’s presidential candidates compare...

We look at both candidates’ positions on a range of key issues. Find out here what Gustavo Petro and Rodolfo Hernández have...

Inside a reintegration camp for Colombia’s ex-guerrilla fighters: ‘Words of reconciliation are our...

The Conversation carried out 42 interviews with former guerrilla soldiers in Colombia. Find out what they said about peace, politics, reintegration, and more.

Colombia Elections 2022: Hernández vs. Petro on trans rights

As the Colombia election 2022 enters the final fortnight, we’ve been looking at key issues. Today it’s Trans rights on the table in our analysis of Petro and Rodolfo’s positions

Colombian Pass Notes: Galleon San José

The legendary treasure ship is back in the news, so here's a quick summary of the saga of the Galleon San José so far.