Francisco José de Caldas

Mapping the life of Caldas, a Colombian superhero

'Ojos en el Cielo, Pies en la Tierra' at the Museo Nacional focuses on the astronomical and map making skills of Francisco José de...
Female genital mutilation

Cutting danger: Female genital mutilation

While it is more commonly associated with parts of Africa, female genital mutilation (FGM) is a practice that has taken hold in select communities...
campin car park

City council scores with car park recovery

After decades of wrangling, the city finally regains control of Campín car park, with revenues of up to 30 million pesos on big match days.
Leo Kopp

The sounds of Leo Kopp in Bogotá

Amongst the tombs and gravestones of Cementerio Central stands a bronze statue of the German Jewish founder of Colombian brewing giant Bavaria, Leo Kopp. Now a mecca for locals desperate for miracles, it was also the centrepiece for a new project from sound artist Diana Restrepo and visual artist Nina Bendzko.
post conflict

Post Conflict: ‘War doesn’t distinguish faces, hearts, or skin colour’

We hear from Marcos, who joined the FARC at 18, who tells us in his own words about what peace means for him.
student camp

Students trek to the capital and camp out before protests

Hundreds of student protesters camp in the Universidad Nacional before the biggest demonstration yet.

Opinion: The great debaters

The debate proposed by Senators Angelica Lozano, Gustavo Petro and Jorge Enrique Robledo to discuss the corruption scandals that involve some of the most...
French connection

The French connection in Colombia

Oooh la la! Colombia’s links to the country of romance and wine go back to independence.

Film reveiw: Wajib, a co-production between Palestine and Colombia

Palestinian director Annemarie Jacir tells the story of a father and his son who go from house to house to personally deliver the invitations for the upcoming wedding of their daughter and sister. This follows a cultural tradition called Wajib, the name of the film, which translates as “duty”.
Fragile X, FARC rafters

Frogs, frites and Fragile X: International media about Colombia

Plus coral farming, rafting with former FARC members and a sexy former nun. The international Buzz November in 2018