Helpful Tips on Arranging a Trade Show Exhibit

By bogotapost August 21, 2019

If you are trying to arrange a trade show booth to spread the word about the new product you offer, having an attention-grabbing and aesthetically-pleasing booth is critical.

Such a booth will also help increase your client base at the show. When it comes to the enclosure itself, designing and arranging your booth is a crucial factor. To design yours successfully, you will need to focus on the goals specific to your ideas and the items you want to display. There is no universal approach to designing a booth.  However, you can follow some good practices to showcase your products or services and achieve your goals.

New Market, Service, or Product

If your goal is to highlight new services, products, or the entry of your business into a new market, creating excellent displays and signage is crucial. You should focus on features that highlight your product and educate attendees by providing useful information:

  • Put product displays at the eye level
  • Use shelves and cases to showcase     your products
  • Arrange everything to maximize space-saving and the aesthetic look of your exhibit
  • Use large and colorful banners that display useful information
  • Put television screens or available tablets to show your product in action
  • Make demonstrations to present the    services or qualities of the products
  • Use raised tables to increase the visibility of your exhibit
  • Secure multiple stations to make sure you can accommodate larger attendee numbers

If you manage to combine these components into your booth, you will ensure your product gets as much exposure as possible. Trade show exhibit rentals Orlando help you rent everything you need to put together a trade show booth.

Brand Awareness

If your reason for attending a trade show is to raise the visibility and popularity of your business and its logo and name, using signs and oversized displays is essential. Large displays will help grab more attention, which is why you should use the largest framework possible to create an eye-catching booth. Additionally, think about the colors, sounds, and the size of the booth you will use to represent your brand. To allow customer interaction, you can also place raised tables to place advertising material displays or your product.

You can go one step further and prepare a separate presentation section where your representatives can answer questions and spark the interest of more people regarding your brand, services, and products. You will also need to prepare chairs and microphones for this one.

Lead Generation

To generate leads at a trade show, you need to encourage conversation between you and your audience. To get ready for this, you should choose booth features that serve to facilitate one-on-one interactions. These include demo stations and counter-height tables that allow for casual and easy conversation with attendees.

When you engage with your audience, you will have to ensure the collection of their information to get in touch with them after the show. Give your representatives tablets to allow them to quickly gather attendee contacts and offer digital coupons or participation incentives.

Client Retention

If your goal is to retain clients while you gain new ones, remember to think about a meeting room.

If you have a casual meeting place with chairs, tables, or even couches, you can create a really comfortable environment for your clients. On the other hand, you can create a more personal meeting place such as a separate room or a cubicle. There, you can engage in private discussions regarding prices or products. Moreover, you can have a dedicated area for presentations where you would show new products, features, and services.

Creating your trade show is definitely an exciting activity and the beginning of a great journey. To build something truly new and special, you will need to face and overcome many challenges, and by following the tips above, you will have an easier time getting through them.