No More Presidential Re-elections

By bogotapost October 22, 2014

Juan Manue Santos and LulaCongress approves new law banning presidential re-election, backtracks on mandatory voting


SIX MONTHS after President Juan Manuel Santos’ re-election, last week Colombia’s Senate approved a measure that eliminates the possibility for sitting presidents to run for re-election.

The bill was passed unanimously, with a vote of 52-0, El Espectador reported.

In a related development, lawmakers shot down a previously-approved bill that would have made voting in local, departmental and national elections mandatory for all eligible voters, local media reported.

The banning of presidents from running for re-election and the mandatory voting bill are part of a package of so-called “balance of power” reforms currently being debated in congress.

The reforms, which President Santos gave priority to almost immediately after his re-election in March, are ostensibly aimed at clearly separating government powers and strengthening the democratic process – though many wonder how one-term presidents can be held accountable for their actions.

Doing away with re-election is a reversal of a Constitutional amendment ratified during the administration of ex-president Alvaro Uribe in 2004 that allowed sitting presidents to run for a second term in office. Soon after the amendment, Uribe was re-elected president

The ‘balance of power’ reforms are to be debated in congress six more times before they are finally ratified, according to local media.

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By Mark Kennedy