Rodent Arepas

By bogotapost August 21, 2015

Authorities continue to find unsatisfactory conditions for food sold on the streets of Bogota, sparking concern for the health of citizens.

Fly-infested fruits and traces of both rat and dog excrement were discovered in street foods offered throughout the neighbourhood of Santa Fe.

The source of contamination was a local warehouse offering storage space to local street sellers which fell well short of a number of food hygiene laws, according to authorities.

The problem is said to be city wide, and recent operations have seen Transmilenio police confiscating more than 300 baskets of products, a large number of which contained foods in poor condition.

Carlos Rodolfo Borja Herrera, Mayor of the Santa Fe neighbourhood, has called on citizens to refrain from buying and eating food from street vendors, saying it could present risks to health and even life, as there is no guarantee of the sanitary conditions of these products.

By Benjamin Wein