What’s Hot In The Art World

By bogotapost October 10, 2014

One of Gowin’s aerial photographs

El Salto de Teqeundama, del viajero ilustrado al encanto frustrado
Diego Benavídez and Mateo Pérez exhibit a series of photographs, drawings, videos and objects related to Tequendama Falls, highlighting the contrast between the waterfall as a majestic landscape and as a source of highly contaminated water.

Espacio Odeon, Carrera 5 #12c-73, From September 11


Adrian Gaitan: Lapiz, papel o tijera
Simply using paper, pencil and wood, Adrian Gaitan shows artists’ tools to be part of a virtuous cycle, with wood being used to make the pencils, which need paper to acquire any practical or theoretical meaning.

Del Infinito Arte, Calle 77 #12-03, Until October 12


Espeluznados – Gallery of Horrors
In the run-up to Halloween, Colombian caricaturist and humorist Nadim shares 30 works to do with terror and the macabre. See Listings (October 8) for details on the unveiling party.

A Seis Manos, Calle 22 #8-60, October 8-31


Dürer, Grabados 1496-1522
Albrecht Dürer was a painter and writer from Nuremberg who is perhaps best known for his printmaking skills. The exhibition of 113 prints, which comes to Bogota from Europe’s Dal Bosco exhibition, showcases some of his most famous prints and also includes conferences and tours.

Museo del Banco de la República, Calle 11 #4-41, Until November 3


The man himself, Gowin


Emmet Gowin
Showcasing 192 pertinent photos from the long and distinguished career of American photographer Emmet Gowin, this exhibition demonstrates why he has been one of the most influential artists in his field over the last few decades. He first found inspiration in his wife Edith, with many of his pieces showing an affective and expressive familiar quality. In his aerial shots, the stunning beauty of the photos is juxtaposed with the devastation of nature that they show.

Museo del Banco de la República, Calle 11 #4-41, Until December 7