World News Round-Up…

By bogotapost June 18, 2014

Kenya: Suspected Islamist militants have attacked hotels and a police station in the Kenyan coastal town of Mpeketoni killing at least 48 people, military officials say.

Somalia: Al-Shabab militants have rounded up over 100 women and ordered them to comply with a strict Islamic dress code or risk being beaten.

Egypt: Requests have been made for a YouTube video to be removed of a woman being sexually assaulted during a rally in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.


Cambodia: Tens of thousands of Cambodians are fleeing neighbouring Thailand amid fears the new military leadership will crackdown on migrant workers.

China: China says it will build a school in the disputed Paracel Islands, boosting its presence in the territory also claimed by neighbouring Taiwan and Vietnam.

Pakistan: The army says it has launched a “comprehensive operation” against militants in North Waziristan, near the Afghan border.


UK: Campaigners have hailed a law coming into effect in England and Wales making it a criminal offence to force people into marriage as “a huge step forward.”

Portugal: Thousands of people marched in Porto and other Portuguese cities on Saturday to protest against planned public sector pay cuts of up to 10 percent.

Russia: Moscow has angrily condemned a violent protest outside its embassy in Kiev, which saw windows smashed, cars overturned and the Russian flag being torn down.


Venezuela: Venezuela’s attorney general has issued arrest warrants against three more prominent opposition leaders. Dozens of opposition politicians and their supporters have been detained since February this year.

Jamaica: The Jamaican government has announced plans to radically reform the country’s drug laws, allowing for the possession of up to 2 ounces (57 grams) of marijuana.

Chile: President Michelle Bachelet’s government has rejected a huge $8 billion hydroelectric project in Chile’s Patagonia region, citing its adverse impact on the environment.


Israel: Israel has accused the Islamist movement Hamas of abducting three teenagers in the West Bank, which Hamas has denied. Israeli police have arrested more than 80 Palestinians thought to have been involved in the kidnappings.

Iraq: A suicide bombing in Baghdad has killed at least nine people and wounded 20 more, officials in Iraq’s capital say.


Canada: Sex workers and their advocates took to the streets across Canada to protest a proposed bill by the Conservative government, arguing the bill would leave prostitutes open to violence.

USA: Bowe Bergdahl, the army sergeant who spent five years in Taliban captivity, has arrived back in the United States.