A Tale of Two Restaurants: Garua and Te Encantare

By bogotapost July 9, 2014


Carrera 5#27-25    Reservations: 243 1267

Modern European cooking  finally has a home in the Macarena. A Colombian chef (and ex – poet) who trained in Argentina is daring to try something new.  His self-financed Garua, located just off the main strip in the Macarena, is finally rectifying the shortage of modern innovation in an area which is already chock-a-block with French and Spanish restaurants.

The tables are made from reclaimed wood pallets  and  steel. It feels instantly relaxed, modern and inviting.  The food ranges from beef stewed in beer for six hours to spicy fried octopus.  The starters and main courses are ample and the prices range from $18-30,000COP for a main course. The dishes are beautifully presented and awash with flavour.

For the price and inventiveness of dishes, this is a contender for the best restaurant in the Macarena, so you should definitely check it out.

Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 4
Value for Money: 5


Te Encantare

Calle 118#5-23, Usaquen    Reservations: online or call 215 4538

They have moved location from the Macarena to Usaquen, painted naked ladies on chairs and all. Previously with an overpriced, impossibly confusing menú and even more impossible food combinations, at least then Te Encantare had an intimate atmosphere. Now it occupies a huge 30 (glitter dashed?!) table area. Sadly, all of it`s shortcomings have made the transition as well.

The menu consists of dishes titled with sexual innuendo and five lines of ingredients.   The results are sometimes tiny and disappointing.  “Nace en las ingles¨  or ¨born between your inner thighs¨ was a starter that cost $20,000 COP .  It consisted of two prawns and was listed in the ´ dishes to share´.

The main courses were marginally better in terms of size but trying to combine fish in a white wine sauce, olives, dried tomatoes, lemon grass, blue cheese and lime on one plate didn`t really work. The mains range from $30-40,000 COP.  So not particularly enchanting prices either.

Food: 3
Service: 3
Atmosphere: 2
Value for Money: 2

By Duncan Hall