Bogotá Fashion Week: A time machine in the middle of the runway

By bogotapost May 5, 2018
Bogotá Fashion Week

Faride Ramos with her latest collection called ‘Bogotá Sartorial’ at the Bogotá Fashion Week 2018 Photo: Alisson Cantor

How is it even possible to transport people to a little Bogotá when people are already in Bogotá? Well, Faride Ramos did it with her latest collection called ‘Bogotá Sartorial’ at the Bogotá Fashion Week 2018.

Time machines haven’t been invented yet but Faride Ramos found a way to make people feel like they were in the middle of the twentieth century in the capital of Colombia with her latest collection called ‘Bogotá Sartorial’. The female designer has history with Bogotá Fashion week – thanks to her creations, she has featured in all four editions since 2015 – so expectations about her work were high. She didn’t disappoint, yet again wowing the audience on the last day of the event.

Wooden figures of key places in the capital like Monserrate, Catedral Primada and la plaza de Toros were placed in the middle of the runway, creating a little Bogotá inside another Bogotá. She even reminded us of a little bit of history with the silhouettes of Jorge Eliécer Gaitán and a trolley car.

But the real fantasy began when the first model started to walk. Every single garment was sassy, bringing back old patterns with new shapes. She turned back time through embroidery representing Gaitán, and evoked feelings of the pride with the prints of words such as ‘San Victorino’, ‘Galerías’, or ‘Monserrate’.

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Born in Mompox, one of the towns which inspired Gabriel García Márquez, Ramos has mixed ancestral processes such as handmade handkerchiefs with modern techniques like laser cuts since her very first collections. Although that wasn’t the only risk she took when she started her brand: she also decided to make androgynous and unisex clothes.

That won her the American Express Innovation prize at the 2017 Bogotá Fashion Week. The prize included a trip straight to New York City and a visit to the offices of Marie Claire magazine with one of the judges, Nina García.

Nina García is now the most influential Latin American in the fashion world, and the Cámara de Comercio chose her this year to be the official ambassador of the fourth edition of the BFW. She was in the front row when Faride Ramos teletransported all the attendees back to the fifties in Bogotá.

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