Bogota ‘getting smarter’ as a city

By bogotapost April 17, 2015
Bogota Smartest City

Urban planning is one of ten categories used to rate the cities
Photo: MacAllenBrothers CC BY-SA 2.0

Bogota is the fifth most “intelligent city” in Latin America, positioned behind cities such as Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires and Mexico City, a recently-released study indicates.

The study was conducted by the Centre for Globalisation and Strategy Institute of Higher Business Studies (IESE) in Spain, which evaluated how “smart” 148 cities in the world are.

Ten categories were evaluated to come up with a city’s ranking, including governance, urban planning, public management, technology, environment, international projection, social cohesion, mobility and transport, human capital, and economy, according to the study.

The Colombian capital was the city which has made the most improvement on the list, rising 10 places from the previous year, it added.

The number one position on the global list this year went to London, England.

By Steven Grattan