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plastic surgery Colombia

On Trial: Cosmetic surgery industry

The ‘Jessica Cediel’ law is named after a model pursuing charges against a fraudulent doctor. In 2009, she was injected with biopolymers instead of the promised hyaluronic acid. The bill aims to regulate the profession and crack down on this type of damaging and sometimes lethal malpractice. Emily Hastings argues on both sides of the entire cosmetic surgery industry.
Seham Al Salkhadi Colombia

Colombian connection to Paris attacks

Authorities are investigating whether Seham Al Salkhadi, who flew from Bogotá to Paris on July 6 using a stolen Israeli passport, was linked to the French terrorist attacks that left 129 dead.
Indonesian forest fires

Feeding the fire

Forest fires are dominating headlines in Colombia and around the world. Kieran Duffy looks at the human factors that exacerbate the problem and asks what lessons can be learned...
Avianca pilot strike

Avianca pilot strike: Turbulent times continue

Avianca pilot strike continues to affect air travel in Colombia. In the third week there is no sign on an agreement yet, We set out the different events affecting the strike.
Alejandro Ordóñez

Alejandro Ordóñez: Serving the people?

Procurador Alejandro Ordóñez is in charge of supervising most of Colombia’s public servants, and as such is one of the most powerful figures in Colombian politics. Mike Mackenna argues that Ordóñez has used the office to further his own political career and set up a run for presidential candidacy in 2018.
Jhonathan Flórez

Colombia’s ‘Birdman’ dies in Switzerland

Professional skydiver, base jumper and wingsuit flyer Jhonathan Flórez died in a skydiving accident during training last week Jhonathan Flórez, 32, affectionately known in Colombia as...
Peace Process Colombia, historic agreement

Colombian government and FARC sign historic agreement in Havana

Major step in Colombian peace process as government and FARC announce historic agreement on victims' rights In a ceremony on Tuesday morning (December 15) in Havana,...
Colombian Peace Process

Peace Process Special: ‘Political participation for the FARC – the epitome...

Thomas Stevenson, lecturer in negotiation, analyses the strategies of the FARC and Colombian government at play in Havana The announcement of a milestone agreement between...
ELN, Kidnapped journalists

Kidnapped journalists released by ELN

Three journalists, captured by the ELN at the end of May, have now been released, but abductions raise questions about the start of formal negotiations.
Colombian peace process, transitional zones

Ending Colombia’s conflict: Facts and fears about transitional zones

Veronika Hoelker explains why previous failed transitional zones agreements have made people cautious, as well as what’s different in the latest deal.