Duque peace

What does Iván Duque mean for peace in Colombia?

Duque, who made his name as one of the leaders of the 'No' campaign has been elected as the 116th president of Colombia. Our peace correspondent looks at how this will affect the historic peace deal.
Santos NATO Colombia

Colombia joins NATO as first “global partner” from Latin America

Colombia has joined the 29 member countries of NATO as the first Latin American country to officially be a part of the intergovernmental military alliance. Although joining as a “global partner” means Colombia will...

Truth Commission activated almost a year and a half after Peace Accord signing

An 11-member truth commission has officially begun investigation of war crimes committed during Colombia’s armed conflict. The commission, made up of six men and five women chosen by the comité de escogencia; comprises sociologists, journalists,...

Colombian peace deal at the brink of collapse

Possible extradition of FARC leaders Iván Marquez and Jesus Santrich puts extra strain on peace implementation. 
ELN peace talks

Cuba to host resumed talks between Colombian government and ELN

Talks will resume in Cuba between the Colombian government and rebel guerrilla group ELN following Ecuador’s surprise decision to pull out last month as intermediary between the two conflicting parties. The resumed talks will be...