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Post Conflict: ‘One fewer weapon in the wrong hands makes for a better country’

Two years of post conflict: Yolanda works as a human rights social justice leader and is rebuilding her life after tragedy hit her family several times.

Post conflict 2 years on: Reconciliation: ‘Not easy, but not impossible’

It's two years since congress ratified the peace agreement with the FARC. In Caquetá, an ancient Japanese art form connects civilians, ex-FARC, & military.

British delegation concerned over Colombian peace accord and state of detainees

A delegation from the UK has urged Colombian authorities to guarantee imprisoned FARC leader Jesús Santrich’s rights to a fair hearing and has asked the British government to support the ongoing peace process in...

Six more hostages freed by ELN, but will Duque budge on peace talks?

The ELN have released six hostages in the department of Chocó in a further indication to initiate peace talks with the government.   Policemen Wilber Rentería, Luis Carlos Torres and Yemison Gómez Correa, soldier Jesús...
Velaton Por la Vida Human Rights Leaders Killed Colombia

“Being a social leader is not a crime”: Candlelit vigils protest violence against social...

On Friday evening, July 6, thousands across the country took part in the Velatón por la Vida protesting the continued violence against social leaders in Colombia. The candlelit vigil took place in 21 squares and parks...