Territorial peace: Coexistence, trust and empathy

The idea of “territorial peace” is repeated at least 118 times in the peace agreement. It is a thorny issue, not least because of the complex demographics in rural Colombia where citizens may have been victimised by several different players, and members of the same family may have belonged to opposing sides of the conflict.

Land restitution: Chengue dances again

Sixteen years ago, residents of Chengue, a small village in northern Colombia were forced from their homes by paramilitaries. Now, the chengueros are celebrating the possibility that they can return.
lasting peace in Colombia

Four steps towards lasting peace in Colombia

Big leap towards lasting peace in Colombia on various fronts, as the ELN declared a historic ceasefire and the FARC held their first congress as a political party.
ELN Colombia

ELN ceasefire to begin on October 1

On Monday September 4, negotiators in Quito announced that the government and the ELN have agreed to a bilateral ceasefire. It is the first time that the ELN have agreed to such a ceasefire, which will come into effect on October 1 and run until January 12, 2018.
FARC-EP, FARC Colombia

FARC swap rifles for roses

With a new name, though the same acronym, the FARC - now the Fuerza Alternativa Revolucionaria del Común - elected the party leadership and launched their new logo: a red rose.