Humberto De La Calle: An unlikely rebel

Long-term politician and chief negotiator with the FARC Humberto de la Calle talks to us about peace, equality and nadaismo.
The Simon Bolivar Statue in Bogota

Colombia’s courts are in crisis

What the JEP is going on? Wednesday’s resignation of Nestor Humberto Martínez, Colombia’s Attorney General, took the country by surprise. His departure was a result of the...

Guzmán: Colombia’s forgotten history of peace

Colombians negotiated a landmark peace agreement that slowly crumbled as the State was unable to live up to its promise of economic development, democratization, truth, and reconciliation. Opponents of the peace agreement...

Auras Anónimas, El Testigo and Los Fragmentos.

We follow in the trail of the ‘Culture Cab’ from BBC’s The Arts Hour visiting El Testigo and other expositions about the armed conflict.

Hard times for the JEP

The Special Jurisdiction for Peace looks uncertain after the President raises objections to the transitional justice bill.