Former FARC commanders announce return to arms

In a video released overnight, Iván Márquez released the group’s manifesto and accused the government of failing to keep its promises and failing to protect the lives of citizens.
El Testigo documentary armed conflict Colombia

British filmmaker offers a “meditation on forgiveness” in documentary on Colombian conflict

Kate Horne and Jesús Abad Colorado. British documentary filmmaker Kate Horne’s latest documentary film The Witness: Cain and Abel tells the story of Colombia’s armed...

Photos from Medellín’s march for the lives of social leaders

"Building a different country is costing us our lives. #BeingASocialLeaderIsNotACrime," read a banner paying homage to María Pilar Hurtado, a social leader murdered in June. Photo by Felipe Bedoya.
Demonstrators in white sheets are protesting the killings of social leaders in Colombia

What is the government’s current commitment to protecting social leaders in Colombia?

Silent demonstrations take place on on Medellín's metro, July 26, 2019. Image courtesy of Movimiento Defendamos La Paz. According to Colombia’s Ombudsman’s Office, 196 social leaders were killed...
JEP Colombia Peace Process

JEP budget for 2020 to reduce by 30 percent

March in defense of the JEP, Bogotá, March 2019. Image courtesy of Deposit Photos. The budget for the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) will be reduced by approximately...