Colombia’s best chef?

By bogotapost May 12, 2015
La Barra awards 2015

Some Winners of La Barra awards. Photo courtesy of Difussion

After 10 years of awarding professionals in the hospitality sector, the people at La Barra know what they’re talking about when they discuss the best of the food industry in Colombia

They announced their choices for 2015 during an awards ceremony held on April 28, at the Cafam Theater in Bogota.

Hosted by Ingrid Wobst and Mariano Arango, the ceremony brought together chefs, restaurant owners, caterers, and movers-and-shakers in the hotel business. Awards went to a total of 15 places and people.

A new feature of the awards was the creation of five regional committees (Central region, Boyacá and Santander, Antioquia and the coffee region, Caribbean, Southwest and Pacific coast), composed of chefs, food scholars, researchers, journalists, managers and owners of restaurants and hotels that suggested the best establishments and professionals in each area of the country.

It means that this year, more emphasis was given to what’s going on around the country, not just in a few cities.

The award for best chef went to Jorge Rausch, of Masterchef Colombia fame, who owns several restaurants across Colombia and one in Panama, in partnership with his brother.

The best restaurant overall was Medellin’s La Provincia, which also got the gong for best fancy restaurant.

Here’s the full list for 2015, so you can be sure you’re in the know next time you head out:

Best new chef: Sebastián Ramírez (Medellin)
Best chef: Jorge Rausch (Bogota)
Best coffee: Juan Valdez
Best wine offer: La Brasserie (Bogota)
Best bakery: Amaranto (Medellin)
Best restaurant for traditional Colombian food: Puerta del Sol (Bucaramanga)
Best fast food restaurant: El Corral
Best new restaurant: Chicken Box Rotisserie (Bucaramanga)
Best service in a restaurant: Platillos Voladores (Cali)
Best casual restaurant: Crepes & Waffles
Best restaurant – bar: La Birrería 1516 (Bucaramanga)
Best fancy restaurant: La Provincia (Medellin)
Best restaurant: La Provincia (Medellin)
Best restaurateur: Leo Katz (Bogota)
Best design and decoration: Restaurante Carmen (Medellin), chosen by the Asociación Colombiana de Arquitectura y Diseño
Most responsible bar: El Sitio
Best Hotel: Hotel 101 Park House (Bogota)
Best sommelier: Nicolás Reines

For more information, check out the La Barra webpage (in Spanish).

By Karen Attman