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By bogotapost April 22, 2015

Happy birthday to us!!! Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to… well, I think you get the idea – it’s our birthday don’t you know? And what better place to celebrate it than in our ever-growing Entertainment section?

Thanks to all of you wonderful readers – after all, you’re the reason I scour the very depths of Bogota’s cultural offerings and nightlife options to provide you with what I hope has been a useful and interesting resource. But wait, it’s only going to get better, so stick with me throughout the next year and you won’t miss a thing (Disclaimer: you may miss some things).

I also want to take a moment to thank our many talented and dedicated contributors, without whom this section might be little more than this column. And, let’s face it, without the rest, my mindless babbling becomes even more obsolete.

In this edition we have plenty for you to sink your teeth into as if it were a delicious birthday cake. But don’t, because it’s really just paper, and it doesn’t taste good. In case you jumped straight to this page, you might have missed our massive FILBo/Macondo Special – make sure you check out our guide to Bogota’s book fair.

We catch up with Colombia’s representative at the Barista World Championships, who gives us a stunning demonstration of his skills.

We focus on Bogota-based British artist Caroline Bray Peña as well as providing you with our usual round-up of what’s on in the art world. With Cirque du Soleil in town, we also get up close and personal with the performers as they train for their Bogota show.

And this edition’s Film section sees a review of Colombian film Ruido Rosa and a rare five-star review for Mommy.

Wait, what’s that, you want more? Of course there are our listings, keeping you up-to-date with the city’s nightlife and culture options, but you already know about that…

OK, so, that should do, I’m off to celebrate one year of music, art, food, books, cinema and parties with, well, a party.

Right, thanks for reading! Here’s to being entertained in Bogota… Cheers!

Azzam Alkadhi
Entertainment Editor
[email protected]