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By bogotapost September 19, 2016
Estereo Picnic 2017

The line-up so far

Do you believe?

An exclusive pre-sale for the eighth edition of the Estéreo Picnic festival went on sale on September 5. The 2017 event will be held on March 23, 24 and 25 and as usual, it launched its Believers package for fans who have always had faith in the event. It also announced the initial ticketing price ($425,000 before taxes), so get your piggy bank going for the next set of ticket pre-sales. 

Unstoppable Balvin

The paisa singer continues to make waves, recently launching the video for his song ‘Safari’, in which he collaborates with renowned singer and producer Pharrell Williams. The song also includes the participation of young American singer Sky, highlighting the reggaeton artist’s growing reputation in the international music scene.

A Colombian Frida

Flora Martínez, an actress with both Colombian and Canadian roots, will play the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo at Teatro Galería Cafam de Bellas Artes’s play ‘Frida Kahlo: soy Frida, soy libre’. The play, directed by Víctor Vázquez, offers a deeper understanding of the artist’s feelings. The actress is delighted to be the first Colombian to take on the role.

Soy yo

Bomba Estéreo, led by Santa Marta native Liliana Saumet, recently launched the video for one of the singles of their latest album, ‘Amanecer’. The short, which is available to stream on YouTube, had over a million hits by the closing of this edition, less than a week after its launch.

Saying goodbye to the Juárez Divo

Mexican musical legend Juan Gabriel passed away on August 28. The artist was so popular that, as a result of his death he overtook YouTube king Justin Bieber. According to platform numbers, his video hits increased by 600%, with over 316 million views. In addition, different artists, musicians and even politicians – including Colombian stars Carlos Vives and J Balvin – paid heartfelt tributes to his memory.