Batman v Superman

By bogotapost April 26, 2016

Batman vs Superman3/5 stars

With blockbusters like 300, Watchmen and Sucker Punch on his CV, director Zack Snyder goes for what he knows best in one of the most anticipated movies of the year, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The initial minutes transform Metropolis into a 9/11 nightmare, as our beloved red caped hero battles general Zod and his forces, leaving death and destruction in their trail. The disastrous event leaves the world divided between those who see Superman as a saviour and those, including Lex Luthor and Batman, who consider him a threat to humanity. They subsequently forge plans to end what they see as his reign of terror. 

Ben Affleck’s Batman — whose Gotham City is now confusingly next door to Metropolis – might be a puffier version than Christian Bale’s, but he certainly gives the character an interesting depth, maintaining the compulsory gloominess and seriousness, while throwing in a lot more anger and bitterness. This provides a much needed contrast to the pretty boy Superman (Henry Cavill), whose character ends up feeling somewhat flat, perhaps as a result of the simple script and Jesse Eisenberg’s overplayed but impressive portrayal of Lex Luthor and his madness.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is, as the title suggests, a sausage fest where the women take a back seat. For a strong willed and intelligent reporter, Amy Adams seems to get herself in a lot of avoidable trouble, always relying on her Kent to save her. Not even Wonder Woman seems to raise more interest than as eye candy, with her appearance in the movie not being given the weight that it perhaps deserves.

Despite some confusing moments and the male-centric script, the film is certainly entertaining and with some strong moments, especially the action scenes. Let’s just hope that Snyder doesn’t squander his career with CGI madness à la Michael Bay.

By Daniel Ogalde