Reach Your Customers: 5 Reasons You Need Direct Response Copy Writing

By bogotapost June 14, 2019

Direct response copy writing may just be the key to helping you reach your customer base. Here’s how.

Let’s be honest, your customers care more about solving their problems and achieving their goals using your product or service without wasting time or losing money

What makes clients check out your landing pages with interest of your product or service but opt to close the page and move on to other things? Why is it when you are just about to close a sale, your prospective client decides that they won’t buy after all?

Well, maybe it could be missing some form of copywriting used by marketers that involves directly communicating to your customers in a manner that compels them to take action.

Here’s how direct response copywriting may just be the key to helping you reach your customer base.

1. Understand What Direct Response Is

This is a phrase that copywriters use in marketing and advertising that captivates and compels immediate action. The call to action has an immediate and measurable outcome such as signing up for a monthly newsletter, downloading free merchandise, following you on all social media platforms or making a purchase.

To reach your customer base, your end game should be to get a response from your reader immediately because they understand what you have to offer.

2. Understand Your Reader

Have a personal approach when copywriting and tap into your readers’ mind. Your copy should show the reader that they can trust what you have to offer and you can keep your promises.

When writing a convincing copy, address your reader’s fear of wasting time, money or feeling stupid. Let your content strategy be real and clear.

3. Have A Great Headline

Numbers make a reader intrigued and want to know more. Let your headline grab their attention, inspire the reader’s curiosity and generate interest.

Your headline should be simple, precise and to the point with benefits of taking action by readers notable.

4. Long- Form Copy of Direct Response Copywriting Is More Convincing

To be more persuasive, give your readers more information.

Let’s take a case study of an interview when you are asked, “tell us more about yourself”, even when you have a good CV at a hand. The more you share, the higher the chances of landing that job.

To convince your reader to take action, have useful, informative and persuasive steps that will make them feel that they are making the right decision.

5. Keep Your Copy Relevant

There are new trends emerging every single day and you need to keep up with them. Direct response copywriting ought to be relevant to your target audience for you to get the desired results.

It’s all for the customers, therefore evolve and go into the spaces where your target clients hang out especially social media platforms.

Keep it Simple & Reach Your Customer Base Easily

When direct response copywriting, use of info-graphics will guide you in creating copy that converts. Try and avoid too much explanation but, tell your customers how your product or service solves their problems or makes their life blissful.

Ensure you cultivate a sense of urgency when you make a direct call to action. You can tap into their buyer basic fear of “sold out” or “limited offer”.

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