Tourist taxi scandal

By bogotapost April 20, 2015

Bogota Taxi Tourist OverpricedA Bogota taxi driver who overcharged a Canadian couple by more than 900 percent was arrested last week, local media reported.

Two Canadian nationals took a taxi from their accommodation in the north of the city to El Dorado Airport on Thursday, April 9, and when they arrived the driver asked for $300,000 pesos on what should have been a $40,000 peso fare.

The couple apparently knew they were being ripped-off, and after an argument the driver allegedly forced them to give him an additional $100,000 pesos, according to El Espectador newspaper.

The tourists reported the incident and airport police began searching for the driver inside the airport terminal, and minutes later he was found and arrested.

The driver, who is said to have hid the cash he swindled from the couple in the boot of his taxi, was charged with theft.

By Mark Kennedy