Who’s in the new cabinet?

By Diana Mejía May 11, 2016

Santos cabinetOn April 25, the new Santos cabinet was announced – changes the president said responded to the needs of this particular moment in history. The new inner circle contains representatives of all regions of the country, and politicians from various parties – including those not in the coalition. The president said this will be the cabinet of peace, the cabinet for post-conflict and “the cabinet to consolidate our economy and the fight against poverty”.

Jorge Eduardo LondoñoMinistry of Justice

Jorge Eduardo Londoño

His office will be key in the peace process and in the implementation of the jurisdiction approved for the post-conflict. Member of the Alianza Verde party (centre-left).

Clara López ObregónMinistry of Labour

Clara López Obregón

López  resigned her position as president of the Polo Democrático (left-wing) party in order to take this role. She was a presidential as well as a mayoral candidate in the last elections.

Maria Claudia LacoutureMinistry of Commerce Industry and Tourism

Maria Claudia Lacouture

Lacouture is tasked with increasing foreign import and export. President of ProColombia, she has worked there for 20 years. Member of the Unidad Nacional party.

Elsa NogueraMinistry of Housing

Elsa Noguera

Noguera, from Barranquilla, comes from a politically influential family. Member of Vice President Germán Vargas Lleras’s Cambio Radical party, Noguera was the running mate for his presidential campaign in 2010.

Luis Gilberto MurilloMinistry of Environment

Luis Gilberto Murillo

Another member from Cambio Radical, Murillo is the manager of the presidency’s Plan Pacífico. His region has been deeply affected by the armed conflict, and faces continuing issues from insurgents.

Germán ArceMinistry of Mining and Energy

Germán Arce

The economist was manager of Fondo de Adaptación. Arce, a member of the Conservative party takes on the role in the midst of an energy crisis and a debate relating to land use and mining.

Rafael-PardoSecretariat General for the Presidency

Rafael Pardo

Currently serving as the post-conflict minister, Pardo will temporarily assume the Ministry of the Presidency until it is dissolved and reverts to the Secretariat General for the Presidency.

655654-1143955Ministry of Transport

Jorge Enrique Rojas

Former mayor of Manizales, where he assessed the planning committee in zoning matters and was the secretary of public works for the municipality. Member of Unidad Nacional party.