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Avianca pilot strike

Avianca pilot strike continues to affect travel plans

Up to 230 flights have already been cancelled, affecting nearly 22,000 passengers, in the Avianca pilot strike. 702 pilots demand increased wages – they want to earn the same as pilots in other countries – and better working conditions.

Link festival: Underground Bogotá

Jeff Mills, Henning Baer, Dany Rodriguez, Detroit Techno Militia and Sonico mix dark and light at this year's Link festival. Our correspondent gets loved up and down to the beat in a gonzo look at the night which he says changed his life.
Oktoberfest 2017

Oktoberfest Returns to Bogotá for 2017

It’s that time of the year again: the world’s most famous booze-up is coming to Bogotá. Get ready beerlovers, as Oktoberfest is back from across the Atlantic and Colombia is set to be cerveza-soaked throughout September and October, with events in every major city to celebrate.
El Caguán

Travel off the beaten track: Into El Caguán

Once called “Farclandia,” the El Caguán river basin in southern Colombia is becoming more of an area to be explored and enjoyed for its natural beauty than a dark place to be feared. Chris Bell takes us on his birdwatching trip through this area
living in Bogotá

Is living in Bogotá that bad?

According to the annual “Global Liveability Report” from The Economist, living in Bogotá is worse than in many other capitals - ranking 12th out of 15 cities in Latin America.
El fin de la guerra

Film review: El fin de la guerra

After more than fifty years of conflict, the government of Colombia and the leaders of the FARC gathered in Havana to negotiate a peace deal to finally end the war. This process is portrayed in the documentary film El fin de la guerra, directed by British filmmaker Marc Silver.

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