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Cycling in Bogotá

Braking the law, braking the law: Everything about cycling law in...

Last year saw a new law come in to help promote cycling in cities. Cyclists are generally fairly well-respected and treated in Colombia, but how does the law view them?
living in Bogotá

Is living in Bogotá that bad?

According to the annual “Global Liveability Report” from The Economist, living in Bogotá is worse than in many other capitals - ranking 12th out of 15 cities in Latin America.
Oktoberfest 2017

Oktoberfest Returns to Bogotá for 2017

It’s that time of the year again: the world’s most famous booze-up is coming to Bogotá. Get ready beerlovers, as Oktoberfest is back from across the Atlantic and Colombia is set to be cerveza-soaked throughout September and October, with events in every major city to celebrate.

Land restitution: Chengue dances again

Sixteen years ago, residents of Chengue, a small village in northern Colombia were forced from their homes by paramilitaries. Now, the chengueros are celebrating the possibility that they can return.
lasting peace in Colombia

Four steps towards lasting peace in Colombia

Big leap towards lasting peace in Colombia on various fronts, as the ELN declared a historic ceasefire and the FARC held their first congress as a political party.

Plastic surgery in Colombia

Plastic surgery in Colombia is big business. Ranked at number 11 worldwide for the total number of procedures, the country is targeting medical tourism as a possible area of further economic expansion. Experiences, both good and bad, are everywhere to be found.

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