3 Crucial Reasons Why All Roof Contractors Need a Roof Estimating Software

By bogotapost July 22, 2020
Photo: Robin Kutesa on Unsplash

One of the first and most important tasks that every roofing contractor must accomplish before every project is making sure that all aspects of the project are properly taken care of. It means that the roofing contractor must have the accurate measurements of the area where they will extend their expertise, pooling the right team to do the job, and checking if all the necessary tasks are done right. Doing all these project administration aspects on their own could be a challenge. They need the right management skills to cover all the crucial tasks. Fortunately, tools like roof estimating software and other CRMs can help make their lives easier. 

Yet some roof contractors are still uncomfortable relying on software to do essential tasks like roof estimation. They would try to deal with all the difficult processes to complete a project because they are wary about using software to make their jobs more efficient. If you are still thinking about getting a roof estimating software, here are several reasons to convince you that this tool could help make your job more profitable.  

Roof Estimating Software Boosts Efficiency And Speeds Up Estimate Turnaround 

Most clients would contact roofing contractors to reinforce their home’s protection whenever a storm is brewing near their area. It would require you to send your trusted staff to get into the location as soon as possible to start getting estimates. While a standard roof can take as long as 20 minutes to measure, it is still at risk of having miscalculations due to the limited time that they have on hand. 

Also, presenting handwritten notes and other documentation directly from the estimators to the prospective clients look unprofessional. If they wait until you order a professional estimate report or do an extensive report on your own, you will lose a lot of time on your hands. But if you use a roof estimating software, you will be able to present a professional-looking report and proposal so the client can understand it faster and sign you up for the job in an instant.  

Roof Estimating Software Allows More Systematic Material Ordering And Proper Crew Scheduling

Since using roof estimating software allows you to have more precise estimation, it will also help you reduce the chances of ordering excessive materials for the project. You can properly utilize all the materials that you will get since you already know how much you would need. It means that you no longer have to waste money when making unnecessary purchases. 

Also, the software can help you assign work orders for you and your crew. It will methodically divide the jobs for each member of your team so that someone will have an equal assignment. It will also ensure that a person will man the roofing, gutting, and siding tasks to finish the project on time. The software will also let you track each assignment’s status to know if someone is behind the target schedule using the shared calendar feature.

Roof Estimating Software Allows Instant Updates On-site

With the use of roof estimating software installed on your smartphones or tablets, you can instantly take photos of the job site and upload it on the web. It will let your clients track your job status and see how you and your team make any progress. You may also use the photos in the portfolio that you can present to your future clients or post it on your company’s website so that other people can see your work.

Using roof estimating software can provide a lot of perks for your roof construction business. Aside from these benefits, the tool can also help improve the teamwork within the company since it provides better communication strategies. It is a one-stop-shop of tools that can help you with all your administrative duties, which could allow you to provide the best services for clients who hired you to provide them with the safest, sturdiest roofs for their home.