5 things we’re looking forward to now Bogota’s strict lockdown is over

By Oli Pritchard August 30, 2020

The rules have changed, meaning that a lot of things are going to be possible for the first time in a long while.

Cyclists enjoy the sunshine and new freedoms as Bogotá starts to lift coronavirus restrictions. Photo: Oli Pritchard.

Now that we’re no longer under obligatory quarantine, there’s lots to look forward to in the coming weeks. For many people, this is a return to normal life, and crucially, to earning again. A lot of things that had been banned are now allowed again, which means there’s a clamour to return to find out what this New Reality will bring.

Restaurants and maybe even bars!

With restaurants already open and serving beer, the simple pleasures of going out for a meal are firmly in sight. Sure, there are limitations and it might not be easy to do. But Bogotá has plenty of sun and few mosquitoes, so dining al fresco might end up being quite fun. And it’s certainly a huge leap forward, both for customers and for the restaurants that have been haemorrhaging money.

Cielo abierto

Not only restaurants, but all kind of things will potentially operate outside. Why go to a five-star gym when you can enjoy exercising under all the stars of the night sky? There’s plenty that could be done outside, even here in ‘la nevera’. If this is managed well, it could be a really fun project and allow an even greater range of things to happen. We’ve already seen Yu-Gi-Oh nerds in the park, so it’s already underway.

Ciclovía is on the way back as a key part of Cielo Abierto. Photo: Oli Pritchard

Leaving Bogotá

Fresh though the weather might be in Bogotá, it’s nice to get out of the city and down a few hundred metres to enjoy some steamy tropical heat. And there’s plenty of tempting options just a short bus trip away. Of course, there are some national flights running too, and even international flights on the way soon. With the tourism industry in tatters, you’ll be doing a good thing too.

Non-essential shopping

While it’s been easy enough to get hold of essential items, it’ll be nice to be able to shop for non-essentials too, especially as online retailers have been taking great bites out of the market. A lot of Bogotá life still happens face-to-face, and getting that back up and running will make the city much more functional.

New ventures

The train of economic consequences has run through a lot of businesses, many of which have already folded. Some will be looking at the next few weeks as a vital period to re-establish themselves. Alongside them come new enterprises and ventures. New bars are already being fitted on the 45, for example, and Colombia’s boundless enthusiasm for projects means that more will soon follow.