7 Eco-Friendly Products for the Home That You Can Buy Now

By bogotapost June 14, 2019

Want to help the environment? Start with these eco-friendly products for the home.

New construction and renovation of homes have a significant impact on the environment. From the overuse of natural resources to things used under the roof, the eco-system takes a nice punch. 

Switching to eco-friendly products for the home is rewarding to the environment. 

Products that are kind to the environment create less expense for consumers. They save energy and improve physical and psychological health. And, they contribute to saving the Earth by not using harmful ingredients. 

If you have a desire to go green and save the environment, you need to read this. Start right here with these eco-friendly products for the home.

1. Recycled Goods Are the Best Eco-Friendly Products for the Home

We live in a culture where buying name brand gives you some type of status. It may in some circles. But a lot of these brands cause damage to the environment. 

Buy recycled.

Recycled products offer the same quality but cause less harm to you and the world around us. When it comes down to simple things like paper goods, the recycled option is worth the purchase.

Technological products also come recycled and refurbished. Instead of buying a new gaming console or smart tv, buy a used one. Most of the internal parts get rebuilt and reprogrammed to work like new. 

This causes less stress to the environment by developing new ones.

2. Update the Lighting

Proper lighting is how consumers maintain their lifestyle and professional productivity. But the wrong type of light bulbs poses a serious threat to the environment.

Instead of buying in terms of watts look for energy-saving lumens. 

Don’t assume bigger means more or better light. Regardless of size, the type of light makes the difference.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights last longer and burn less energy than compact fluorescent lights. You may spend a little more upfront, but you get more hours of use throughout the year.

You want lights that last and can survive through inclement weather. Of course, you always have the option to buy generators for power failure. But in the event of an outage, you don’t want a bulb that’ll blow right away.

At the least, energy-saving incandescent light bulbs are an okay choice. 

3. Reusable Grocery Bag

Mounds of wasteful plastics bags cause damage to everything around us, including habitat.

Buy some earth-conscious reusable shopping bags. Made from recycled material, these bags last long and help us save the world with each use. 

4. Ditch Plastic Water Bottles

Once upon a time, the invention of plastic water bottles was good in theory. That was until The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

It sits in the middle of the ocean filled with mounds of trash, including water bottles. Save the planet by investing stainless steel water bottles. They’re less damaging to the Earth to create. 

Plus, your water remains colder longer.

5. Start with Your Cup of Joe

Coffer-lovers spend thousands on paper filters to brew coffee at home. Cut back on the carbon by switching to reusable coffee filters. 

They’re inexpensive and easy to clean and maintain. The next time you make a cup of joe, think of the impact you’re making on the environment.

6. Cleaning Products

From dish detergent to dry sheets, harmful chemicals wreak havoc on our way of survival. 

Go Eco!

Swap out household products filled with chemicals and parabens for natural options. Natural products have short ingredient lists that include safe products like vinegar and citric acid.

Citric acid comes from fruits that are safe on the water supply if used for cleaning and cooking. 

7. Compost for the Win

Just as used coffee grounds work for the garden, so does homemade compost. Make your trash work for your garden and preserve the Earth in the process. 

Leftover kitchen scraps like banana peels, bread products, dairy, and meat make great compost. Skip on the chemical-induced soil products from the store. Make your own and help save the planet.

Eco Is the Way to Go

Eco-friendly products for the home saves more than the environment. They preserve the globe.

Survey your living space. Ditch the chemicals and things that suck up energy. Save the planet one product at a time. 

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