9 Tips for making authentic and delicious chinese food at home

By bogotapost January 8, 2021
Photo: Flickr

Love Chinese food, especially chowmein and Hakka noodles? Then stop ordering that from the restaurant because now you can make Chinese home at home, and that too authentic. Now, you cannot go to China every weekend when you feel like eating authentic and yummy chowmein? Right! But you do not have to.

If you love chowmein, here is a delicious recipe of chowmein you can eat. Want to make more Chinese food at home, which is delicious and close to the original recipe, then try these tips and secrets.

Tip 1: To make stir-fries, prepare ahead

Stir-fries are quite a popular dish in China. It is healthy and quick to make. So, if you wish to make any stir fry recipes, make sure you cut, chop, wash, and prepare the vegetables ahead of stir-frying them.

When you keep them organized, it ensures that the vegetables will stay fresh and crisp.

Tip 2: The trick to rice noodles is to soak it in water

A lot of us have issues cooking noodles, especially rice noodles. They stick too easily. If you face this problem as well, the trick is simple. All you need to do is soak them in lukewarm water for around 30-40 minutes. After that, you can stir fry them, and they will not stick to the wok.

Tip 3: Chinese food has lots of ginger, chilli, and garlic

When it comes to Chinese food, it will not taste authentic if you do not use ginger, garlic, and chilli in the right ratio. They not only make the food tasty and delicious, but they also make your food healthy. Ginger helps in digestion, garlic is awesome for your heart, and chillies provide you with vitamins. Use them in every Chinese recipe for a meal that enhances your immune system.

Tip 4: Chinese food taste amazing because of home-made sauce

The secret behind authentic and decadent Chinese food, like chowmean, is the sauce that they use. If not everything else, you can make the black bean sauce at home. It is a simple recipe that will take you minutes to make.

It requires light soy, salt, stock, and salted beans. The best use of making the sauce at home is that you can control the amount of salt you put in so that it is a low-sodium diet which is great for health.

Tip 5: Add a bit of sugar to soy sauce to enhance its flavours

Soy sauce is integral to most Chinese dishes. And it is highly acidic as well. So, to ensure that it has a perfect balance, add a bit of sugar in it. That will balance out the acidity, and its umami taste will improve as well.

The secret is to add only a bit of sugar unless the dish you are preparing is something that you like to eat sweets.

Tip 6: Cornflour is imperative to making a Chinese dish

Make sure that before you start making your Chinese dish, you have tons of cornflour on hand. No dish, and sauces and juice or stock in Chinese cuisine is complete without cornflour. This ingredient aids in making the sauce or gravy thick which is what makes the flavour come through.

Tip 7: Use sesame oil for flavour and not for cooking

If you like the flavour of sesame oil, make sure you use it only for drizzling over salad or dishes. If you cook or fry your dishes in it, it will burn the dish quickly. Use sunflower or any other odourless oil for cooking or frying your food.

Tip 8: You do not always need a wok

When you see Chinese cooking videos, you will see them using a wok. But do not let this put you off your dinner plan. If you do not have a wok, use a normal frying pan. That works just as well.

Tip 9: Make sure you cook at the right temperature

Chinese food needs a high temperature right from the start. So, if you are cooking one. Ensure that the oil is hot before you add any ingredients to it.

The one great thing about authentic Chinese food is that it is full of vegetables and low in carbohydrates. Try these tips and the chowmein recipe from misschinesefood I am sure your kids will love it.