Barack Obama coming to Colombia to speak at the EXMA conference

By Sarah Lapidus May 20, 2019
Barack Obama

Former US President Barack Obama will speak at the EXMA Conference, Colombia’s largest marketing and business events of the year, taking place on May 27 and 28 in the Movistar Arena in Bogotá. EXMA, which stands for Expomarketing, is one of the largest marketing platforms in Latin America with conferences, workshops and marketing tools. This year’s theme is  the marketing economy, where 60 leaders worldwide will be invited to speak on the sector’s digital transformation, strategy, new business models, trends and tools.

Obama’s talk, “A conversation with President Barack Obama,” will address influential growth strategies. The organisers specified that , “It will be a talk about business that is based on the positive influence Obama puts out. We have to take advantage of this to build de country, entrepreneurship and innovation.” He also mentioned that the former President set the condition that he won’t talk about current politics.

In addition to Obama, other speakers will include Arnaldo Muñoz, general manager of Airbnb in Spain and Portugal; Ken Segall, ex-creative director of Apple in the U.S. and Omar Carrión, Integrated communications and marketing director of Kellogg’s Latam among others.

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The prices of the event vary per level:

Lite- You get access to the principal conferences and the commercial area

Plata- In addition to the above you get access to the learning talks, the virtual platform, digital assistance, the coffee zone, and you receive a Welcome Kit.

Oro- In addition to everything included in the Lite and Plata packages, you also receive hotel discounts and access to the digital magazine.

VIP- In addition to everything included in the previous packages, you also receive exclusive entrance to the arena, preferential seating, and lunch.

All packages give access to Obama’s talk, but precise time and day of the former President’s talk haven’t been confirmed.