Bogota’s Most Dangerous Streets

By bogotapost August 20, 2014

 A Recent report highlighted the areas in Bogota that see the highest level of robberies, assaults and other crimes

With more than 800 reported criminal acts in 2013, the intersection of Avenida Boyaca and Calle 80 in the northwest of the city is the most dangerous spot in Bogota, a recent report on street crime found.

Research conducted by El Espectador newspaper revealed that the hours between 6pm and 11pm was the time of day when most robberies and assaults took place.

The report measured common street crime, such as muggings and assaults, and also car accidents.

Areas with the highest incidence of robbery were Carrera 10 and Calle 6 (753 reported cases), Avenida 45 and Calle 170 (703 reported cases), Avenida 72 and Calle 13 (436 reported cases), and Avenida 14 with Calle 13 (395 reported cases), according to the report.

“We’ve implemented a special police system against theft; the idea is for a special group to attend theft incidents immediately,” Jonathan Nieto, the sub-secretary of security for the City of Bogota was quoted by local media as saying.

According to Nieto, the zones where most incidents of theft occur are those with high influxes of people and limited lighting, which criminals use to their advantage.

By Steven Grattan