COP$5 trillion to get city moving

By Diana Mejía August 10, 2016
Transmilenio, COP$5 trillion

Part of Mayor Peñalosa’s city deployment plan is an upgrade to the TransMilenio system.

With a 31 to 9 vote in favour, Bogotá Mayor Enrique Peñalosa has been granted permission by City Council to take on over COP$5 trillion in debt over the next four years for use in his administration’s projects. Among the major beneficiaries will be the Transmilenio network, projected to receive 60% of the budget in order to build a new line along Carrera septima, improve the condition of 73 stations and streamline the operations logistics.

Critics of the project, including members of the Polo Demócratico party argue that the Septima does not have the capacity for a Transmilenio line, and that it will take the focus away from the much needed Avenida Boyacá route. The infamous metro will be allotted COP$800 billion of the budget.

The remaining 20% will be used for education, environment, security and health and safety projects, among others. The COP$5 trillion debt permission is the largest to have ever been granted by City Council.

By Diana Mejía