E-commerce: 4 tips to develop a remarkable marketing strategy in 2020

By bogotapost January 21, 2020

The beginning of 2020 is a good time to identify the good and bad points of your current activities, but also to determine the necessary changes in the strategy of your online store. The world of e-commerce is always more competitive. It challenges companies and makes them adapt their marketing strategy to a constantly changing market. How does your online activity compare to those of your sector?

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1. Strengthen your SEO using a strategic approach

SEO always remains a very important part of the digital strategy, if you want to be visible on search engines. There are two traffic sources, search traffic (when a user comes from a search engine) and direct traffic (when a user types the name of your site directly). This means that if you don’t have a solid SEO strategy in place, you may find yourself behind your competition and losing clicks and sales. At the same time, direct traffic is an important source and can be attributed to good brand awareness.

2. Switch to HTTPS secure website version

It is essential to switch to HTTPS, which is to say to have a secure version of your site. Google favors HTTPS sites in search results. The migration to HTTPS  requires a lot of effort and concentration. To avoid errors in HTTPS implementation and to verify that you have successfully migrated to HTTPS, it is always useful to perform a site audit to detect problems quickly.

3. Optimizing the mobile is a “must-have”

At a time of global “mobilization”, we must follow the news. Google wants to improve the user experience as much as possible and is preparing the release of Mobile First, a Google algorithm that will prioritize the mobile version for indexing and ranking websites. Mobile, therefore, becomes a “must-have”.

Speaking of mobile, it’s impossible not to mention AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) – an open-source technology offered and supported by Google. It allows you to create web pages that load very quickly. Mobile users are impatient and when they are looking for something on mobile, they want to have the results right away. Before, AMPs were mainly intended for the media, but we are seeing more and more AMPs used by e-commerce sites. You can create AMPs for your most important products, increase their visibility, and generate interest in your brand/products.

4. Reconsider your PPC advertising campaigns

To attract customers, you need a solid advertising campaign. But it all depends on your budget. Thanks to certain tools, you can work on your Google Ads ads to improve them and make them more attractive and effective for your business. Anyone who works with Google Ads will know that large Excel files are not easy to manage. It’s really a big job! So, to save time, you can use different tools, which allow you to manage campaigns, groups and keyword lists for your Google Ads ads, remove duplicate keywords at the group and campaign level clean up keyword lists for many groups with just a few clicks. Then you can export the data in a format compatible with Google Ads.