Best jobs to make money traveling

By bogotapost January 11, 2018

Best jobs to make money traveling

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The best jobs for traveling allow people to earn nice sums of money while keeping on investigating different corners of the world. In this article, you’ll find some examples of professions of people who are living the dream – earning money while exploring the planet.

If you literally can’t live without constantly being on the go, but can’t afford to completely quit your stable workplace yet, you’re in luck. In fact, there are quite a number of different jobs for people who love to travel. Whether you are looking for an opportunity to combine work and vacation or get an independent job that would grant you the total freedom of movement all around the globe – you have got various options.

Bear in mind that not all of these jobs are fully suitable for everyone. If you can boast a university degree, you may not be as willing to pick berries on a farm as someone else might be. Or maybe you are! Who knows? Find this out now!

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1. Travel Tour Guide

You might consider getting a job as a local tour guide or tour assistant, working for an international travel agency, either at a single popular tourist location or for larger multi-destination excursions. Or you can call forth your entrepreneurial thinking and arrange your own tours! Maybe it will touch upon the best un-marked surf spots, an astonishing local hiking journey or showing people the coolest bars and restaurants in town.

2. Traveling Fitness Instructor

Working as a freelance fitness instructor is one of the best jobs for people who like to travel. This one lets you keep up your traveling passion while making some good money. You can conduct lessons on aerobics, yoga or be useful as a private trainer in case if you possess enough skills and experience in those fields of activity. Some instructors sign contracts with local gyms and fitness complexes in order to get an access to the facilities on their territory.

3. Yacht/Cruise Ship Steward

Jobs for travelers include an opportunity to work on private yachts or large cruise ships which is an excellent way to visit some picturesque exotic places. Food, accommodation, transfers and, finally, insurance – are all covered. So it’s also a great way to save money. This kind of job also provides plenty of extra vacation time to travel on your own. You are free to select from the following positions available: steward, chef, event manager, engineer and some others.

4. Blogger

Making cash working as a blogger while on a journey is a dream job for everybody. Plus, it is #1 among all traveling jobs for couples to always stick together while raising some money. However, like most things in life, it is not simple. Making a living by keeping a blog going is really intricate work – and usually can take years. A blog about travel isn’t the only option – other examples involve food, blogs for young parents, fashion blogs and lifestyle blogs. Income mainly comes from advertising. But first of all you need to build an audience!

5. Remote Trader

Like most of the jobs in our list, you can’t simply break into the business of trading on the stock market without any prior experience. Oftentimes your expectations to become rich aren’t enough to make the whole deal work. At the same time, you may know quite a few people who succeed in both making money by day trading and traveling. It usually takes a few years and, of course, losing some money, before it starts to pay off. An experience in financial sphere and some spare cash to invest helps as well.

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