Here’s How You Ought to Set up Your Wi-Fi Mesh Network

By bogotapost December 2, 2019

Mesh Wi-Fi network systems have transformed the home networking feel. Three’s no more tucking away a router in the closet of at a place out of sight. Mesh systems are quite attractive nodes that can become displayed in the open in different rooms throughout the premises. The systems have mobile applications that allow the user to install and manage the network using their phones. Below is how you ought to set up your Wi-Fi mesh network.

  • Setup

Most of these Wi-Fi systems need a mobile application as well as an online connection for set up to take place. You ought to download the app, create an account as well as administer a strong password. 

You can always unplug the router, which you will be connecting with your mesh system to allow it to reset as well as assign a valid IP address.

  • Satellite node placement

The nodes vary from one system to another. You need to check out the various spec of different models and compare them. You can have a look at Eero vs Orbi, among other mesh networks. Always remember to place the 2nd node halfway between the dead zone and the router to have a better range extender.

You must strive to limit the distance between the downstairs as well as upstairs satellites to around 30 feet.

Always consider how you will position the nodes so that they can connect to gaming consoles, TVs, or any other device. You can use a wired connection to offer a fast Wi-Fi connection for these devices. Many mesh nodes become equipped with a minimum of one LAN port, which allows the user to use a wired connection. You must strive to place the satellite notes within the cable distance of any appliance that you want to benefit from the wired LAN connection.

Wireless or wired backhaul?

Backhaul is the process whereby data gets transmitted from the satellite nodes backs to the primary router as well as the internet. Mesh Wi-Fi network systems have a default wireless backhaul. Some systems use both the 5GHz as well as 2GHz radio bands for the backhaul. 

Depending on the user’s preference, some might tend to stick with choosing a dedicated 5GHz band.

There exist systems that use the ethernet cabling for their wired backhaul. It offers ultimate performance as well as tight security. 

If your premises got wired for ethernet connectivity, you might enhance the general network performance by choosing to connect the nodes through a wired connection. It will allow the wired backhaul to the main Wi-Fi router.

Configure parental control

You must take advantage of the advanced features within the mesh Wi-Fi system. Get a chance to use parental control where you can limit access to some websites. You can also have the opportunity to turn off the network connection automatically during particular times of the day, such as meal times of bedtimes. Get a chance to control what your kids are watching online by limiting it to age-appropriate games as well as educational materials.

You can compare various mesh Wi-Fi networks like Eero vs Orbi, among others, to find one that suits your needs, after that, you can follow the setup procedure to enjoy an excellent Wi-Fi connection!