By Carolina Morales October 23, 2015

Bogota cinema, Everest4/5 stars

Quality cinema has the power to transport you to fascinating, far flung places – and Everest does exactly that. Expect to shiver with cold and adrenaline as you follow the nail-biting true story of climbers facing the extreme conditions of the highest mountain in the world.

Everest, directed by the Icelandic Baltasar Kormákur, tells the tragic story of a 1996 expedition, inspired by journalist Jon Krakauer’s book Into Thin Air.

Jason Clarke plays Rob Hall, head of an agency that sends hikers to the peak. The role of intrepid explorer Scott Fischer is taken on by Jake Gyllenhaal, while Josh Brolin plays an arrogant and rich Texan. The three radically incompatible companions are united by just one thing – the mountain.

Cinema and technology unite to stunningly recreate places that might seem impossible to imagine, with some awe-inspiring shots of the totally vulnerable, tiny characters cutting solitary figures on the harsh, cold mountains. Some of the film was shot near Everest, adding a level of authenticity to scenes which are otherwise filmed in an Italian ski resort and London’s Pinewood Studios.

The film shows us man’s limitations and capabilities with a refreshing lack of sentimentality, highlighting our strengths and weaknesses when faced with extreme situations. With a lot of training and little sleep, the actors were well prepared to play the role of authentic travellers, and it is easy for viewers to connect with each of the characters.

Everest encourages a love for life and a respect for nature – capable of providing us with unforgettable moments or of taking your life in a mere matter of seconds. It’s worth a watch for the cinematography alone, while the story adds yet more power to the stunning scenery.

By Carolina Morales