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By bogotapost April 26, 2016
Atopía: Migración, Legado y Ausencia de Lugar

Atopía: Migración, Legado y Ausencia de Lugar

Atopía: Migración, Legado y Ausencia de Lugar

Developed by Austria’s Thyssen-Bornemisza Contemporary Art Foundation, this exhibition brings together works that focus on specific spaces, distancing, cultural practices, national borders and non-places. The show analyses ideas of exclusion, expulsion and differences, showing how political and economic realities are constantly creating new places and stories.
MAMBO, Calle 24 #6-00. Until June 5

En el círculo

This exhibition brings together the work of four artists united by shared experiences. The main focus of these artworks are: femininity, the sacred, magic and the alchemic power of art, in an attempt to communicate beyond what is apparent.
Salón Comunal, Carrera 3a #63–36. From April 7

Francisco Klinger Carvalho – Diario de un Viajero

Diario de un Viajero is composed of various artistic techniques, such as sculpture, drawing and photography, that evoke the relation between the artist and various places where he creates relational links. Most of the work was carried out in the exhibition space; the artworks explore memory, the nostalgia for the past, reunion and welcoming those who arrive.
LA Galería, Carrera 3 # 12C – 98. Until April 25

Abel Rodríguez – Iimitya

The creator of Iimitya – ‘word of power’ in the Muinane language – claims that “every path leads to the same knowledge, which is the beginning of all paths”. This work is an approach to indigenous botany, exploring the great diversity of species, attributes, locations, architecture, seasons and the ecological and symbolic relationships they have with animals and humans, among others.
FLORA ars + natura, Calle 77 #20c–48. Until June 24.

Julien Pacaud – Destination Inconnue

This exhibition is an invitation to a journey through an imaginary time with pop and surrealist influences. Reinterpreting the geometry of space, Julien Pacaud blurs a world that expands into ambiguity, where galaxies, mountains and colourful animals break the daily routine of their contemplative character. Humour coexists with nostalgia, strangeness lives together with the cosmological and the deep intimacy of human psychology.
Alianza Francesa- Sede Centro, Carrera 3 #18–45. From April 27.

Laura Quiñones – Accidentes Geográficos

Accidentes Geográficos is an attempt to investigate, through photography, a story of chance encounters. It tells the story, through the typical braids and hairstyles of the Afro-Colombian community, of how they were once maps used by the Maroon people of Africa to escape persecution. Guided by the research of Lina Vargas Alvarez.
Alianza Francesa-Sede Chico, Carrera 11 #93–40. Until April 30.

Matilde Guerrero – Tierras Prometidas

A look at cities, their often chaotic growth and the way that they are designed, as well as their relationship with landscapes and ‘promised lands’ in the distance.
Valenzuela Klenner Galería, Carrera 5 #26b–26. Until April 30.

Gabriel Zea – EPOCH

A collection of works which intersect three themes: computational time, the dialogue of conceptual art and the value of work in contemporary culture.
Valenzuela Klenner Galería, Carrera 5 #26b–26. Until May 6.

By Ana María Salazar Echavarría