Month of art

By bogotapost October 23, 2015
Bogotá Art

Ipsofacto, Luis Morales

October in Bogotá marks the “Month of Art,” a time in which the city celebrates art by hosting a variety of festivals, galleries and shows. The month begins with a few big art festivals, such as ARTBO, Barcú and La Feria del Millón, all of which feature a variety of art for the city’s residents to enjoy. Unfortunately, however, these big events were finished by the end of the first week of October, leaving art hopefuls wanting.

Fortunately, there’s still plenty on offer in the “Month of Art” – all of these galleries are worth a visit if you want to satisfy your artistic cravings.

CANTO 111 (canto tercero), by Paulo Álvarez
Galeria Neebex

Yo sere tu espejo, Ruven Afenador

AQUÍ Y AHORA, Luis Morales
XI Premio Nacional Colombo Suizo de Fotografía

Diálogos con la Colección

Geometría, Leo Matiz
Galería MÜ

Espacio Odeón

Other venues include Art Chicó (, La Peluquería (, El Parqueadero ( and Museo de Arte del Banco de la República (

All of these, and many more, located throughout the city have ongoing collections, events and exhibitions to peruse – not just this month, but throughout the whole year.

By Anna Weldon