Quick weekend breaks: Arts and craft

By Laura Brown November 4, 2017

weekend breaksWith picturesque lakes, hiking trails, traditional villages and swimming pools all within 100km of Bogotá, it’s easy to find something different to do for a weekend out of the city.

People living in Bogotá are spoilt for choice when it comes to places to escape to for a couple of days. As much as we love life in the high Andean city, it’s easy to get tired of the traffic, smog and unpredictable weather.

But there’s lots to do within just a few hours drive from the capital, whether you’re looking for hiking, rock climbing or other outdoor activities, or it’s winding down in hot springs, tucking into a good book and a cold beer or two while relaxing next to a swimming pool that tickles your fancy.

Arts and Crafts

Colombia, like most Latin American countries, has its fair share of quaint villages built in the traditional colonial style.

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Perhaps one of the most colourful is Ráquira, known primarily for its pottery but also bursting with all manner of handicrafts. The buildings around the main square are all brightly painted and decorated with beads, hammocks, plants and anything else that can tempt you in to stock up on gifts to take home with you.

You’ll not only be able to buy a range of handicrafts, but can also try your hand at making some of your own. Ask around for where you can take part in a pottery workshop.

Ráquira is about 160 km from Bogotá and is often considered no more than a stop-off on the way to Villa de Leyva, which is just another half hour away. It can, however, also be a good place to retreat for a calming weekend of relaxation and meditation or to indulge your creative side in making art or writing.

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