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By bogotapost March 10, 2015
New Colombian music

Monsieur Periné – All dressed up and standing behind a gate. Photo: Formobicho CC BY-SA 3.0

We take a look ahead at the Colombian albums worth a listen to in 2015

This year a whole host of exciting new releases will be flooding the Colombian music market, with fresh new talent competing alongside national mainstays as new genres mix with traditional riffs and local rhythms. If you, like us, have been meaning to get into Colombian music for a while, or if you’re an avid fan looking for the best contemporary artists, here are some of 2015’s releases to whet your appetite:

Cali Flow Latino – Salsa Choke
Remember the World Cup? Remember “Ras Tas Tas”? The Buenaventura-based brains behind Armero, Cuadrado and co’s favourite tune are set to release a new album this year to complement their world tour – with performances planned for the US and Spain.

New Colombian music

Alto Grado – Smiling for the camera. Photo:

Alto Grado – Rock/Punk
The group’s first album Sonido Animal was released last year, and the band faced a busy schedule touring Latin America and the US. Their self-proclaimed “power trio” sound is edgy, unique and cool, with hints of reggaeton mixed in with an alternative rock vibe. Their next album is out this month.

Monsieur Periné – Colombian swing
A successful first album and a release with Esteman are just some of the accomplishments from Bogota-based Monsieur Periné, serial giggers and local legends. The Colombian swing group have revealed plans for the release of a second album later this year.

Nelda Piña y La Boa – Afrobeat
Their latest album was released on January 6 this year and has been well-received. Their unique sound is hard to define – think afrobeat funky world vibes or, even better, listen for yourself.

Bomba Estéreo – Fusión
The fourth album from these tropical fusion heavyweights will be released in the spring, with their first album single: Fiesta. You know them, you’ve probably seen them, so their continued success should come as no surprise to you. Check them out at Estereo Picnic festival here in Bogota (see box on page 18).

Esteman – Pop
With a collaboration with Aterciopelados’ leading lady Andrea Echeverri under his belt, Esteman’s next album, 2do Acto: Caótica Belleza, is planned for March, to coincide with his Latin American tour.

Providencia – Reggae
Seven years after their debut album Radio Candela the group’s new album Beligerante still captures their unique, tropical sound. A must-buy.

Toño Barrio – Salsa
The rising stars of Colombian salsa, adding a Pacific vibe to the genre. With a more modern sound that has been classified by some as salsa choke, but is more melodic than most of what you’d normally associate with the genre, these young musicians are quickly making a name for themselves and are currently working on their third studio album.

By Charlotte Mackenzie