Theatre April

By bogotapost April 26, 2016

A scene from Burundanga

Te quiero hasta la luna

A comedy following Julia and Pablo, two lovers who met when they were seven, became friends and then became boyfriend and girlfriend, before separating for 25 years. A spaceship awaits on stage to take them to the moon, although some technical difficulties will put them to the test. Starring Carolina Acevedo and Manuel José Chávez, from 90s series ‘De pies a cabeza’.
Casa E, Carrera 24 #41-69. Thursdays to Saturdays 8pm. Until May 28. Tickets from $35,000.


Jimmy Vásquez is an antipastor, who believes pessimism is king and wants to start a new sect based around negativity, giving free reign to complaints and frustrations. This comedy monologue includes a live band, and has a go at the absurd world of self-help using irreverent humour, songs and characters.
Casa E, Carrera 24 #41-69. Thursdays to Saturdays 8.30pm, Sundays 6pm. Until May 15. Tickets from $35,000.

Hay un complot

Confusing reality and fiction, this play will turn every audience member into a witness and accomplice to a tragic/comic political conspiracy that threatens the destiny of a country that we will all strangely identify with.
Teatro Nacional la Castellana, Calle 95 #47-15. Thursdays and Fridays 8.30pm, Saturdays 6pm and 8.30pm, Sundays 6pm. Until June 5. Tickets from $30,000.

Una relación pornográfica

This play returns after proving to be a box office hit in 2015 and during the Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro. This version of Philippe Blasband’s book explores ideas of love, sexual fantasies, problems with cohabitation and the issues surrounding individual freedom in a couple.
Teatro Nacional Fanny Mikey, Calle 71 #10-25. Thursdays and Fridays 8.30pm, Saturdays 6pm and 8.30pm, Sundays 6pm. Until June 5. Tickets $45,000.


A very personal comedy with plenty of theatrical improvisation, in which Julián Arango, a self-declared ‘professional no idea-er’ shares his philosophy on life, to which many audience members will relate.
Teatro Nacional Fanny Mikey, Calle 71 #10-25. Tuesdays and Wednesdays 8.30pm. Until June 15. Tickets $30,000.

La bailarina y la escopeta

Nina Bonnet, a famed ex-ballet dancer is awaiting the arrival of her sister, Almudena who returns after five years in Europe, hoping to revive her career as a dancer and choreographer. Together they plan to give new life to the theatre they inherited from their father, while Nina’s husband Cironni desperately tries to hide the fact that he is on the verge of losing the theatre to his debts. A number of other family members are also involved in a journey to the past.
La Maldita Vanidad, Carrera 19 #45a-17. Thursdays to Saturdays 8pm, Sundays 6.30pm. Until May 1.

Party of one Bogotá

A still from Party of one, on at the Buen Viaje theatre


An adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy, translated and adapted by Joe Broderick.
Teatro Colon, Calle 10 #5-32. April 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21 & 22. For times visit From $30,000.

Macbeth: the opera

Giuseppe Verdi’s opera version of Macbeth takes place on the same stage and with the same stage settings as the aforementioned version.
Teatro Colon, Calle 10 #5-32. April 14 7.30pm, April 16 5pm. From $35,000.

Hansel & Gretel

The musical adaptation of this play is fun for the whole family!
Teatro Santafé, Calle 57 #17-13. April 17 & 24 3pm. Children $22,000, adults $27,500.

Caliente, Caliente

Dubbed ‘the show for the menopausal’, this musical comedy sees four sarcastic women discuss hormones, physical changes and how they manage not to pay so much attention to the arrival of the menopause.
Teatro Santafé, Calle 57 #17-13. Wednesdays 8pm, Saturdays and Sundays 6pm. Until April 30. Tickets from $50,000.


Over 250,000 people went to see this play during its four-year run in Madrid. Directed by the talented Diego Trujillo, this is an in-depth and amusing look at daily life and what we are prepared to do in the search for truth.
Teatro Libre de Chapinero, Calle 62 #9a-65. Thursdays to Saturdays 8pm, Sundays 6pm. Until May 29. Tickets from $30,000.

Party of one

More english language micro-theatre from The BAT, as the pretentious head waiter at Chez Louis and a mysterious client clash in a comic meeting that will reveal what is really happening in the kitchen of the famed restaurant.
Buen Viaje Teatro, Carrera 20 #56-17. Thursdays to Saturdays, every half hour from 8-9.30pm. Until May 14. Tickets $10,000.