What to see: Galleries

By bogotapost November 15, 2015

Jorge Macchi: Lampo
Two art installations – Gloria and Homesick Home – play with luminescence and different materials to reproduce the effect of light with a lamp off, showing the presence of something that is gone.
Galería NC – Arte, Carrera 5 #26b–76. Until December 19.

Lewis Trondheim: Les Petits Riens
Through comic illustrations Trondheim tells an uncommon, perspective-filled story.
Alianza Francesa- Sede Centro, Carrera 3 #18–45. Until December 17.

Hernán Díaz – Revelado: Retratos, Sesiones y Hojas de Contactos
For photography lovers: a selection of 76 photos which cover many of the situations and themes that have come to define Díaz’s work. A friend of celebrity, among Díaz’s subjects are literary and artistic giants Gabriel García Márquez and Fernando Botero.
BLAA, Calle 11 #4-41. Until February 2016.

Adriana Ciudad: Debajo del Agua
Adriana Ciudad’s installation of hippopotami draws parallels between the displacement of Pablo Escobar’s river dwelling hippos from Africa and those made invisible as a result of Colombia’s armed conflict. Also on exhibit is Edwin Monsalve’s ‘La Posibilidad de Paisaje’ and José Horacio Martín’s ‘Travesias’.
Galeria el Museo, Calle 81 #11-41. Until December 4.

Fabienne Le Blevec: ‘45’
French photographer Fabienne Le Blevec showcases his latest exhibition, ‘45’, which is a collection of 45 photos taken over the course of 45 minutes outside a village shop in the Vietnamese mountains.
A Seis Manos, Calle 22 #8-60. Open from November 24 to December 15.

Sobre el Error – Pasolini y el mundo marginal
Proposing an inter-disciplinary work between art and literature, based around the theme of errors, seen from different viewpoints.
BLAA, Calle 11 #4-41. Until December 15.

Diálogos con la Colección
In ‘Dialogos con la Colección’ visitors are treated to 34 pieces of art that are the consequence of an interactive exercise where contemporary artists establish dialogues with some of the most emblematic pieces in the museum, incorporating contemporary interpretations with the museum’s traditional collection.
MAMBO, Calle 24 #6–00. Until December 4.

Santiago Cárdenas: Pinturas y Dibujos
A sample of 11 oil paintings, four pencil drawings and pastel and charcoal drawings.
La Esquina Galería, Calle 77 #12–03, local 103. Until November 27.

Carlos Alfonso: Margaritas
Carlos Alfonso’s ‘Margaritas’ focuses on perception, dealing with what already exists and its mutations. In this process, what exists is represented in texts, images and objects, while its transformations are continued through principles of narrative – both sculptural and performative.
Sketch, Calle 75a #2c-12, t:3458228. Opens Novenber 12.

Zona de Convergencia I
Bogotá and Cologne, confluence and divergence are on show in this collaboration between five Colombian and German artists who have lived in each other’s cities. Liliana Vélez also showcases her works in ‘Trabajo de Parto,’ a video and photographic meditation on the modern day process of childbirth.
MAC, Carrera 74 #82a-81. Both are open from November 20 to January 23, 2016.

Santiago Leal: Gabinete #15 – Un mundo infinito en nuestras manos
Santiago Leal is the latest artist to exhibit in Flora’s bi-monthly ‘Cabinet’.  In a throwback to Renaissance Europe’s cabinet of curiosities, artists’ works correspond to their collecting impulses, often focusing on the accumulation rather than the categorisation. A call for 2016 collections can be found on the Flora website, http://arteflora.org.
Winner of the artistic residence fellowship, Jorge Marín, is also on show in his open workshop.
Arteflora (Flora Ars+natura), Calle 77 #20c-48. Open from November 12.

Espectrum Visible, Cúmulos Estelares
Star clusters revolve around the observance or non-observance of certain light phenomena.  It uses theories of astrophysics for the creation of meanings in this interdisciplinary artwork.
Planetario Distrital de Bogotá, Calle 26 #5-93.  Open from November 11.

By Maddie Elder