Where to get a coffee at FILBo 2019

By Honor Scott May 1, 2019
Coffee at FILBo
Café de Colombia are keeping visitors’ energy levels high as FILBo’s official coffee.
Photo: Honor Scott

A guide to your Corferias caffeine fix

Wherever your literary interests lie, the sheer enormity of books, talks and events on offer at FILBo will leave you footsore and in need of a pitstop.

Plus, as Colombia is this year’s guest of honour, what could be more Colombian than a day that is punctuated by a one (or many) coffee stops?

Luckily, although locating it amongst the maze of people and pavillions isn’t always easy, that much-needed tinto is never far away.

For the coffee connoisseurs

In fact, FILBo has its own official coffee: Café de Colombia. Find it right in the middle of the fair, within its very own pavilion. It’s not your standard ‘cup of joe’ on offer here, but a variety of speciality coffee, workshops on different brewing methods, and free tasters originating from a diverse locations around the country. A reminder that, whilst it is the country’s literary culture in the spotlight this week, its coffee culture is just as rich.

For a quick caffeine hit

On the other end of the scale, is the offering from ‘GUD snack’ stalls dotted around the fair. If you’re short on time and desperate for a quick caffeine hit – or just not fussy about where your beans come from – then you can pick up a cup of trusty Nescafé as you navigate between buildings.

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Whilst you grab lunch

Oma, Bogotá’s familiar chain, also makes an appearance on site. However, as it is only reachable via venturing into one of the crowded food courts, it is probably destined to be coffee-of-choice only as the accompaniment to one of the fast food options on offer.  

If you need a bit of a break

If you’re in need of a little sit-down whilst you get your caffeine fix, ‘Un Break’ is the place. Offering a variety of decent coffees, some cold drinks and a tempting variety of sweet and savoury snacks, it’s the go-to if you need more than caffeine to keep your energy and enthusiasm levels high during the day. Dotted around in various locations, you can find a couple outside the Infant and Young Literature section as well as inside pavilions six and eight.