Why Do Dental Practitioners Use Medical Scrubs

By bogotapost July 6, 2020
Photo: H Shaw on Unsplash

Having the entire medical staff to wear scrubs is a strategic way to communicate with the patients with astute professionalism. It also helps in building trust and initiating the constituent of cleanliness. In many healthcare facilities, they are mandatory for seamless health administration and occupational safety. 

Until the 1990s, professionals in the medical industry did not wear sterilized clothes or specialized attire. According to a survey conducted by ADA in 2018, only 3% of the respondents did not have any dress code for dental practitioners. However, now the scenario is such that around 66% of dental practitioners require wearing them.  

Reasons Why Dental Practitioners Use Medical Scrubs

Recent Trends in the Dentistry 

Things have drastically changed for the dental health industry in recent years. In the earlier parts of the century, visiting a dentist could be a harrowing experience, considering the lack of advanced treatment methods, tools, and techniques.  

A quantum leap has taken place in recent years. Now, advanced treatments are available with a focus on creating an approachable, personable, and friendlier environment. Transformations in uniform styles and fabrics are making it possible. 

Dental practitioners are aware of the brand image when they deal with potential patients. Dental uniforms set a tone for the practice and help communicate the brand values for everybody to see. Also, you can embroider the staff names and logos onto your uniforms for personalization. 

Meeting the Expectations of the Patients

It is needless to say that every patient has a lot of hope and expectations from their health practitioners. Hence, it becomes essential for practitioners to wear a clean look and be well-dressed. Medical uniforms help in presenting a better image of your practice. 

Not only the patients but the practitioners are also looking for a clean-cut and beyond the traditional styles. Interestingly, the studies say that more dental practitioners are now looking to put “the clothing innovation” into practice. 

Dressing Up to Drill with the New Fabrics 

New fabrics for the scrubs used by dental practitioners are entirely innovative.  Fabrics like Xtreme Stretch Range are the first choice for healthcare clothing. It is composed of rayon, polyester, and spandex that helps the garment in stretching and provides comfort to the person who wears it.  

The comfortable fabrics and design allow comfort, even during the most tedious work hours. Also, they are easy to dry and wash with very minimal ironing. Due to availability in modern colors and right-looking materials, they add a more distinctive style to your work wardrobe.

Exuding Professionalism 

Scrubs also help the dentists to be identified as modern professionals. It adds to the confidence of your staff as well. Unlike regular clothes, medical uniforms are more comfortable, safe against contaminations, and trendy. 

For better care, leave it at the clinic or hospital after your shift. Also, it is essential to change into usual clothes while returning home so that you or your staff doesn’t carry any infection with the recent COVID 19 crisis. Refresh your uniform programs with the high-quality, absorbent materials available at the competitive prices.