ELN Colombia, ELN peace talks

Formal peace talks begin with ELN

After more than three years of informal discussions, representatives from the Colombian government and the ELN have begun negotiations towards a ‘complete peace.’
ELN Colombia

ELN Colombia release hostage Odín Sánchez

Formal peace talks will begin with the ELN Colombia on Tuesday, February 7 after more than three years of informal negotiations.
Activists deaths Colombia

Activists deaths continue in rural Colombia

According to figures from Indepaz, an institute dedicated to research and training on peace and development issues, there were 117 social leaders, human rights defenders and activists deaths in 2016. This year alone eight people have been killed.
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Activist deaths: shadow over peace deal

Human rights organisations sound the alarm over a spike in attacks and murders of activists as armed gangs capitalise on opportunities provided by rural turmoil.
Colombia peace agreement, Colombia peace process

Realities of an imperfect peace

The new year for Colombia begins with the first major steps towards peace, following the historic signing of an agreement between the government and the FARC last year. Emma Newbery examines some of the teething problems and how they are being addressed.