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Bogotá brunch

Bogotá Brunch

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La Niña

La Niña: Life after war

La Niña is a new series which follows the life of a woman trying to escape her past as a guerrilla fighter in a fitting story for Colombia’s current situation. Jazid Contreras speaks to director Rodrigo Triana.

Flying high: Colombian airlines

Commercial airlines posted record profits in 2016, suggesting the traditionally volatile aviation industry could be an attractive proposition for investors. As passenger numbers grow and profits increase worldwide, the aviation industry believes Colombian airlines might offer lofty returns, though there may be some turbulence ahead.
Colombian presidency, Germán Vargas Lleras, Colombia presidential campaign

2018 Colombian presidential race kicks off

On March 2, with 15 months to go until the presidential elections on May 27 next year, Vice President Germán Vargas Lleras announced that he will step down on March 14 to focus on the presidential campaign.
Media Maratón de Bogotá

Media Maratón de Bogotá: Stop walking, start running

It’s time to get your trainers on and join athletes from all over the world will participate in the Media Maratón de Bogotá, one of Latin America’s most important running competitions on July 30, bringing all eyes to the city.
Leyner Palacios Asprilla

Leyner Palacios Asprilla: a name to remember, an example to follow

July 18, 2017: We are sitting at one of the meeting rooms of the Canadian Embassy in Bogotá. We are waiting for the roundtable presentation of Leyner Palacios Asprilla. He is no politician, and he is no public figure, but he is certainly one of the most important voices representing victims in Colombia.
Rigoberto Urán

Rigoberto Urán goes all the way to the podium

The Tour de France is a tough race, covering around 86 hours and 3,540 kilometres. While the race was disappointing for Nairo Quintana, Rigoberto Urán stepped up to finish with a spot on the podium in second place.

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